How do I buy OmiseGo (OMG) Tocens? - Altcoins 2017

How do I buy OmiseGo (OMG) Tocens?

Altcoins How to buy OmiseGo (OMG) -Tokens? How to buy and trade OmiseGo (OMG)? Photo: bitfinex. com Screenshot 24. 08. 2017 OmiseGo is one of the current top tokens based on first on the Ethereum blockchain until its own blockchain is created. OmiseGo mainly offers a cross-currency e-wallet and a payment platform.

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The DAO in the new robe - Making the DAO great again? | BTC-ECHO

The DAO in a new guise - Making the DAO great again?

On the EDCON, the decentralized autonomous organization or DAO was briefly discussed. Deadly living longer: Even after the dramatic end of the DAO, developers are still thrilled by the general concept of the decentralized autonomous organization. Discussions at EDCON 2017, the recent Ethereum Developer Conference, show that this concept continues to be worked on.

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BTC course analysis KW33 - break before the 4,000 EUR?

After a rise to 3 850, 58 EUR (4 528, 26 USD), the price is in a downward channel and currently stands at 3. 508, 72 EUR (4. 126 , 24 USD). Summary The bitcoin rate has risen during the week. On August 18, a new all-time high of 3 850, 58 EUR (4 528, 26 USD) could be reached. The most important short-term resistance is the moving average over the past 48 hours by 3.

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Breakthrough in Delaware: Block Chain-law was approved

Since March 2016 we have countless times reported on proposed legislation in the US state of Delaware, had block chain law on the subject. Last Friday a corresponding regulation was finally issued. The Governor John C. Carney Jr. of the state signed the law, which limits the block chain technology for securities trading and for documents records law.

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In test: LiteBit. eu Experience report - Bitcoin Trade 2017 bitcoinMag. de

In the test: LiteBit. eu experience report

Bitcoin Trades In Review: LiteBit. eu Experience report We are testing the LiteBit crypt exchange market. eu and report on our experience Photo: LiteBit. eu 15th 07. 2017 There are now cryptic diseases like sand at sea. In addition to the most popular currency Bitcoin, there are many interesting old coins on the market.

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Does Bitcoin form a new price cut-off at 1.000 US dollars? Bitcoin is formulating a new price cut-off at 1.000 US dollars?

The bitcoin rate seems to stabilize at a new benchmark. The price of a token currently stands at US $ 1 039 (US $ 983), continuing its constant trend above the $ 1 000 mark. Since 14 February, the course has already crossed the magical border. Still, the analysts are certain: before Bitcoin's $ 1000 support level , the digital currency will have to last several days - above that mark.

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New WordPress plugin allows you to earn bitcoins with Faucets BTC-ECHO

New WordPress plugin allows you to earn bitcoins with Faucets bitcoin

Nowadays, faucets are used to generate smaller bitcoin entries. You just have to visit a Faucet, just click on the website for a few minutes with the mouse and a few Satoshis can get together. The operators of Bitcoin-Faucets earn their money again through the advertising banner traffic. The most visited Bitcoin websites are by the way Bitcoin-Faucets.

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BTC-e Exchange: Again we have access to our data center

The digital trading center BTC-e is said to have access to the data center again. However, the Fiat currencies are still under the control of the law enforcement authorities. In a Russian opinion published on Bitcoin-Talk, BTC-e informed the public that the data should be analyzed and that further information should be made available within 10 days.

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Reddit now accepts Bitcoin payments BTC-Echo

Reddit now accepts Bitcoin payments

The social news platform Reddit has announced that it will also accept bitcoin payments in the RedditMarket. The Bitcoin payment processor Coinbase will handle incoming Bitcoin payments from users on the platform and exchange the received BTC directly into Fiat currency. In the RedditMarket you can find a lot of fan articles, including a huge Reddit-Plüschtier for 142 US dollar.

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