7182 ETH over Mist Wallet lost

A user has lost almost 70,000 euros in ether during the use of the dung wallet.

According to recent information, this seems to be a hacker attack - the user of Mist has noticed some suspicious attempts to initiate an IP connection during the attack. A worrying post has been written in the Daohub Forum, where an Ethereum user tells him he has lost a lot of ethers through a hack of his crap wallets. All his ether was sent to a wrong address, which looks like a Janus attack.

Of course, this incident is very dramatic for the Ethereum community, so much new information has been posted in the past few hours. Everything seemed to be with the download of the crap wallets - whether it from the Github repository or from the DAO contact side was one can no longer say. It may even be that the user downloaded a fake client from a questionable page. There was nothing wrong with the program itself, but sending ether caused problems.

According to the user, Ether was sent to the crowdsale of the DAO to the wrong address. Altogether 7218 ETH - ca 159 Bitcoin or almost 70000 Euro were lost. Interestingly, the user could successfully send an ETH to the address of the Crowdsales minutes before this disaster.

In a second transaction - over 2218 ETH - there was not the expected automatic confirmation. Instead the ether was sent to a completely wrong address, which had nothing to do with the DAO. Even more: the rest on the dung wallet was gone.

The one Mist wallet from itself Ether sends, especially if the receiver address changes at once - is absolutely not normal. It is currently unknown whether this is a mistake with dung. However, it may be that the transaction of 1 ETH revealed the user's private key. Another user pointed out that the Ethereum Mist wallet unlocks the account in case of payment for two seconds. It is therefore assumed that this user was hacked and the hacker just saw that moment to empty the wallet.

On the basis of all information it looks as if the version with a hacker as the wrong middleman is the most likely - the strange IP connection attempts suggest.Whether the case can be clarified is however still uncertain. One can, however, follow the progress of the corresponding Forenthread on the DAOhub.

Commentary by the author (Philipp Giese):

This story is very shocking. Just five minutes ago I realized with great pleasure that I finally downloaded the entire blockchain for the Ethereum Mist Wallet - and now I hear about such attacks. Of course, we will keep readers informed. You can see in such stories the dark side of the "be your own bank", the empowerment for the individual. On the other hand, when you look at how fast the community is acting, you also notice the beautiful thing about this sentence; you get together and try to solve the problem quickly. I hope for the user that one comes to the perpetrator.

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Source: Ethereum User Reports Loss of 7, 182 ETH Through Mist Wallet via Newsbtc