Now available on Steam: The Bitcoin VR Game

Since today you can download the Bitcoin VR Game on Steam. Sounds damn freaky, it is. The game portal Steam has been supporting Bitcoin as a means of payment for some time. Now the portal goes a step further and offers a VR game, in which one finds itself as a player in the virtual

Bitcoin ecosystem . Bitcoin transactions and their handling can be tracked live in this virtual bitcoin world. So that the whole thing does not get boring after 3 minutes, you are armed with arrow and archer by the

and has to ward off attackers (bees). Certainly, the game is considered a rather entertaining fun. Nevertheless, one has to let the developers realize that they have managed to make the bitcoin ecosystems accessible in a very creative way. This makes the partially abstract theme of the blockchain easier to understand for many newcomers. The VR Game fulfills in this sense a

reconnaissance function

, and helps to bring cryptures and the blockchain technology further into the mainstream. If you have a

HTC Vive

, you may like to take a look at the game. We at would be delighted if you would give us feedback on the gaming experience. Just write us in the social media or a comment. BTC ECHO