All-time high: bitcoin-course is cracking the 3. 200 US Dollar

The price per bitcoin has exceeded the 3. 200 US dollar mark for the first time, marking a new all-time high! The rapid price rise began in the early morning hours around 04: 00, when the price again surpassed the 2. 900 US dollar mark. Only an hour later the price per bitcoin (BTC) then reached the 3.000 US dollar. The all-time high of 3. 212, 87 US dollars reached the digital currency around 06:30. The price has fallen slightly since then and currently stands at 3. 128 US Dollar (2. 643 Euro).

Beyond the $ 3,000 mark, the price per bitcoin was last on June 11th. According to coinmarketcap data, the market capitalization of Bitcoin currently amounts to 51, 4 billion US dollars, which is about 43, 7 billion euros.