Bank of China Hong Kong wants to improve FinTech services and platforms

It has always lived up to the demands: The Center for Technology and Finance in Asia is BOCHK (Bank of China Hong Kong). There has always been the focus on progress in financial services and mobile banking platforms. The Bank of China Hong Kong (BOCHK), the largest bank in the city, has portrayed Hong Kong's explosive demand for online payment services and FinTech Services over the past year. With nearly one million customers on its mobile phone platform, BOCHK is planning to accelerate the development of online finance systems.

The ongoing popularity of online platforms has changed the whole banking ecosystem in Hong Kong. 85% of all customer transactions last year were carried out via mobile phones or online applications.

"As a growing number of customers use banking services without having to go to the branch offices. That is why we have invested heavily in expanding our mobile banking and other financial technologies and FinTech systems. "We want to meet the needs of the younger generation of customers," says BOCHK Information Technology Managing Director Rocky Cheng.

For this reason, the bank plans to improve its FinTech services and platforms while maintaining the physical branches to maintain the presence and control of the market.

"However, we have no plans to reduce our network of branch offices. BOCHK is a community bank, "Cheng added.

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