Bitcoin stock exchange ShapeShift. io integrates Ether

On the Bitcoin Exchange ShapeShift. io users can exchange bitcoin and other digital currencies in seconds. This Monday, the company announced that it would integrate the digital currency of Ethereum, Ether, on the platform. Ethereum is a kind of supercomputer or network that has been developed to decentralize applications of various types and play them in a secure environment. This includes, a voting systems, domain registrations, stock exchange functions, crowfunding platforms and much more. Ethereum has already broken all Crowdfunding records in 2013 when the company received more than $ 18 million in support. With the introduction of the Ethereum Tokens on ShapeShift. io users can now exchange their digital currencies in ethers and thus flush liquid resources into the ecosystem. Just recently Ethereum went live with the betaversion "Frontier".

The Ethereum platform has been developed to process advanced software development in a decentralized architecture. Bitcoin has been developed primarily for monetary purposes, while Ethereum aims to implement the peer-to-peer principles directly on scripts and applications. Augur, the first decentralized forecasting market in the world, is the first project based on the Ethereum architecture.

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Image Source: CoinDesk