Bitcoin & Blockchain Gift Ideas 2017: Wallets, Miner, Tickets and much more.

Christmas is coming closer in big steps and you are still looking for the perfect gift?

So that there will be no long faces under the Christmas tree this year, we will present you a selection of the best gift ideas around bitcoin, blockchain & digital currencies.

Maybe you want to give a bit to a hardcore bitcoiner or bring your loved ones digital currency and the blockchain technology?

In the following, we present you presents with a guarentee guarantee.

Hardware Wallet

You know someone who already owns Bitcoin & Ether, but has not found a solution yet?

Then it's time for a secure hardware wallet. A hardware wallet safely holds the keys and can be taken anywhere.

Ledger Nano S (€ 69, 60)

Ledger Blue (€ 274, 80)

  • Click here for more information about this product to the Ledger Shop *
  • Tutorials for the Ledger Nano and Ledger NanoS
  • Digital Currencies give away

Rubellose and lottery tickets were yesterday! In the age of digitalization one gives Bitcoin, Litecoin & Co. How about the first Bitcoin for Christmas? A gift which, in view of the course of the course, guarantees tension for the whole year.

A simple and beautiful way to give bitcoin or Litecoin is a paper wallet. Here, you can easily give Bitcoin a paper wallet: Create Wallet, Load - Print - Pack - Gift - Done!


Give Bitcoin: Bitaddress. org

Share Litecoin: Liteaddress. org

You can find a detailed guide here.

Pendants, Bracelets & Stormlights

You know a real Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum or Litecoin fan and would you give her or him a real pleasure?

Then we recommend the Bitcoin Engrave Shop by Jon Durdel.

Jon is doing real crafts here and does not limit your individual design. Create your own Bitcoin Wallet Necklace or Bracelet in Digital Currency Style.

Bracelet (€ 21, 90)

Bracelet (€ 21, 90)

Click here for the Engrave Shop


The Bitcoin Bible

  • You know someone with only big question marks as soon as Bitcoin speaks? Then we have exactly the right reading for the Christmas holidays! The Bitcoin Bible - The Digital Currency Book
  • But what is Bitcoin, how has Bitcoin been created, how can I pay with Bitcoins or accept them as a company and why is the success of Bitcoin already today with that of the Internet or the e-mail?
  • From technical development, to usage, to legal issues and prospects in the future. The digital currency is illuminated in the book by the experts from the industry from all sides - technical knowledge is not required here, but rather is conveyed. The Bitcoin Bible is aimed at beginners looking for an entry into the world of Bitcoin, as well as for advanced users who want to learn more about the technology itself and its application areas.

The Bitcoin Bible is available for £ 6, 90 (eBook) and £ 12, 90 (Paperback) Amazon! The Blockchain Bible

The ideal entry into the world of Blockchain technology in which Blockchain connoisseurs are fully satisfied. Blockchain of A-Z with many theoretical application examples. The Blockchain Bible - DNA of a Revolutionary Technology What is the blockchain, how did it emerge, which companies are already using the technology, and how can I integrate the blockchain into my company with the help of smartcontracts? These and many others, also very technical-savvy questions, are brought to the reader in the blockchain Bible in a practical and easily understandable way. The Blockchain Bible is a sound foundation for all those who wish to become part of the technical revolution.

The Blockchain Bible is available for £ 6, 90 (eBook) and £ 12, 90 (Paperback) Amazon *!

Raspberry Pi 3 - Ideal for Bitcoin Mining or Full Nodes

You know someone who would like to run a small bitcoin-mine (a tutorial you can find here), or a Bitcoin full-node?

Then we can recommend the small supercomputer Raspberry Pi. The Rasberry is already available from 35, 03 Euro on Amazon! Based on a Broadcom BCM2837 64bit ARMv8 Quad Core Processor, the Rasberry Pi has a 1. 2 GHz Quad-Core CPU, a VideoCore IV graphics card chip and 1 GB of RAM memory. In addition, the small computer can be connected via HDMI and any monitor / TV and can be operated via mouse and keyboard (USB). The Raspberry Pi 3 runs on both Windows and Linux (Ubuntu). The Raspberry Pi 3 can be purchased in various variations via Amazon:

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B * (€ 35, 03)

Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit * (€ 69, 99)

Raspberry Pi 3 Ultimate Starter Kit * (€ 79, 99)

Ticket: BlockShow 2017 in Munich - The Blockchain Event in Europe

CoinTelegraph recently announced the pre-sale ticket for BlockShow 2017 in Munich. According to own statements, this is to be the largest event ever around the Blockchain in Europe.

BlockShow 2017 is intended to give all interested parties a detailed insight into the blockchain world and provide information on the current state of development.

The conference offers all visitors the opportunity to learn about the technical, regulatory and financial developments first hand.In addition, small and large "players" of the industry report on current and current implementations, their great potentials and influences on the global market.


Tickets for the event on April 6, 2017 are now available for € 150, - (


) available at Eventbrite.

With the discount code


you get a limited number of tickets

20% discount


The Bitcoin cup The Bitcoin cup for every shop owner of Bitcoin will accept or accept in the future.

The Bitcoin cup is available for € 10, 38 * Amazon!

Bitcoin Key Chain

The Bitcoin cup for every shop owner of Bitcoin will accept or accept in the future.

The key pendant is available for "schlappe" € 74, 21 * Amazon!

We wish you all a beautiful and successful pre-Christmas period! BTC ECHO