Bitcoin blackmailer 90 Gbps DDoS attacks and threaten encryption to

In the name of "Armada Collective", several financial institutions have received blackmail emails in the past week (22-28/08/2010). The threat of the imitators is, in contrast to many other copycats real, because the perpetrators have launched a warning patch of 90 Gbps.
Financial companies and banks in Germany are threatening another DDoS blackmail. As in March 2016 and December 2015, the perpetrators, under the pseudonym "Armada Collective", demand protection money and announce DDoS attacks in the three-digit Gbps range: "We want to produce a powerful DDoS attack - up to 300 Gbps. "Link11 protects many companies that are affected by the current blackmail. Since August 26, 2016, the Link11 Security Operation Center (LSOC) has been cooperating with the affected financial companies and the authorities to investigate.

perpetrators threaten DDoS attacks and disk encryption

In addition to DDoS attacks threaten the blackmailers also with encryption of the hard disks: "All data will be encrypted on computers Cerber - crypto ransomware. "According to the knowledge of the LSOC, it is the first time in the DACH region that criminals combine DDoS blackmail and hard disk encryption.

Other abnormalities of these extortionists shaft according to the analysis of LSOC:

- The requested ransom coincides with one Bitcoin relatively low: "You can stop the attack beginning, if payment 1 bitcoin bitcoin to ADDRESS ... "The protection money increases to 20 Bitcoin, if the victim does not pay. However, the LSOC knows much higher protection claims, which ranged between 15 and 50 Bitcoins, from the DDoS bombs that had been shielded by groups such as Kadyrovtsy, DD4BC and the original Armada Collective.

- The blackmailers use a single Bitcoin address for all registered businesses. The LSOC has already registered a payment receipt of 1 Bitcoin at the address given for the 26. 08. 2016.

- The text is written in bumpy and erroneous English. The blackmail letters, which are given to the LSOC by different banks, are identical.

- When shipping, the perpetrators do more than other DDoS extortioners: they use different e-mail gateways.

Large-volume warning patches

In contrast to previous imitators of Armada Collective or blackmailers like Caremini and RedDoor, the blackmailers put the announced warning attacks into action. On October 27, 2016, the LSOC has blocked a DDoS attack of 90 Gbps.This was clearly a botnet attack. Without the successful filtering of the attack by the LSOC, the server infrastructure of the attacked company could have been severely damaged last Saturday. The use of such large-volume warning patches is so far only known from the original Armada Collective as well as the internationally active blackmail bands DD4BC and Kadyrovtsy.

At the beginning of November 2015, the LSOC published a detailed report on the original Armada Collective: // www. ddos-info. com / 2015 / armada-collective-new ddos-blackmailer-active. html

2 - On Friday 26_08_2016_8 : 00p. m. GMT! ! ! We want to make the most of your data, and we will be able to help you.

on computers Cerber - Crypto-Ransomware <4> You can stop the attack, if you pay 1 bitcoin to bitcoin ADDRESS: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

5 - Do you have time to pay. If you do not pay before the attack 1 bitcoin the price will increase to 20 bitcoins

6 - After payment we will give your bugs in your system

Transfer 1 bitcoin to bitcoin ADDRESS: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and you'll be out of danger.
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