Bitcoin blackmail: Cloudflare founder animated inadvertently kickboard driver

The US company Cloudflare, which was recently criticized for the protection of blackmailers, triggers a wave of Bitcoin DDoS riders. Matthew Prince, the CEO of the American DDoS protection provider Cloudflare, published a blog post on April 25, 2016, in which he discredited the alleged DDoS blackmail: Armada Collective: No attacks would have the blackmailer already more than 100,000 USD.

Link11, there is now information that the first free-riders have let themselves be influenced after the news of the "empty threat" spread through the net like a runfire. At the end of these weeks, the first large e-commerce companies in Germany with a turnover volume of several hundred million Euros received DDoS blackmail e-mails. Senders are the known DDoS attackers Lizard Squad


In the UK, the perpetrators are also active and are putting their e-mails under pressure. Here is an excerpt from an extortion book, which is available to the LSOC: "We are the Lizard Squad and we have chosen your website / network as target for our next DDoS attack. Please perform a google search for "Lizard Squad DDoS" to have a look at some of our previous "work". All of your servers will be subject to a DDoS attack at the 3rd of May. We are willing to refrain from attacking your servers for a small fee. The current fee is 5 Bitcoins (BTC). The fee will increase by 5%. "

Thus, the riders of the free-kickboard have been tempted by the Cloudflare News to make cash. They speculate that by simply sending e-mails, a few fast Bitcoins can be easily blackmailed.Despite all news about empty threats, companies should nevertheless take such extortion books seriously and report the blackmailing attempts to seize the perpetrators to the authorities.

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