Bitcoin-course groovt among the sounds of fresh liquidity

Yesterday, the price per bitcoin has risen sharply in a long time. Analysts are talking about a strong change in market confidence.

In the course of yesterday, the digital currency rose to 639, 97 US dollars. This is a plus of 4% compared to the daytime of 615, 87 US dollars. Four percent do not sound much in the Bitcoin world, but the ice seems to be broken after the long downhill ride in the shadow of the Bitfinex hack.

After a long time of sideway trading, the Bitcoin market has "broken through the upside," said the Bitcoin Trader BTC VIX.

The Bitcoin price reversal comes at a time when the traders were bullish against Bitcoin. Whaleclub data speak the same language: The investment platform reports a share of the long positions of 80% since 21 September.

An overwhelming majority of whaleclub traders were placed on a long position, "Zivkovkski said. This indicates a great and optimistic confidence. Zivkovkski also said that buy support is currently growing strongly and that this is a good sign of renewed trust.


"The rise is a testament to the return of strong confidence. "

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English original version by Charles Bovaird via CoinDesk