Bitcoin course in high-altitude flight

The bitcoin rate has risen by a few percentage points in the past few hours. In the early morning hours on May 27, the price per bitcoin rose by more than 5%, marking a new 6-month high. The week before, Bitcoin shone in the shadow of The DAO Token Sale rather from the restrained side. The leaf appears to turn.

With a new high of 479, 39 US dollars on 27 May between 07: 00 and 07: 04 UTC, the course marked a new high since 4 November. Shortly thereafter, the price corrected somewhat and fell by 08:58 UTC back to 470, 12 US dollars, then to start again - value per BTC by 12: 59 UTC: 477, 87.

Reasons for the positive price trend

There is still speculation about the reason for the strong increase in value. Some market observers say a manipulation of the Chinese Bitcoin exchanges has triggered the high-altitude flight. In various Internet forums, it was reported that the course on the stock exchanges OKCoin and Huobi had broken the 500 mark, while such a rally on the stock exchanges Bitfinex and Bitstamp failed.

An expert gave a somewhat detailed insight. Peter Zivkovski of the Whaleclub told CoinDesk that only a small thrust Bitcoin has helped to grow so strongly and trigger a rally. In addition, there was not enough sales to cover the jump in demand, which enabled the course to gain considerable momentum and reach new highs. A look into the future shows that the mood swung:

English original version by Charles Bovaird via CoinDesk