Bitcoin course is close to new record high

Yesterday, the Bitcoin course had a new all-time high, but missed it narrowly. Today, the market seems to have started a new offensive - the price is at a strong 1. 142 US dollars (1 080 euro). In the early morning hours alone, the price per bitcoin could grow by more than 10 US dollars. The price trend is similar to that of January 4, when the Bitcoin price has risen rapidly to after reaching the 1. 100 US dollar mark. 140 USD .

Bitcoin has now hit the pace with the all-time-high set on 30 November 2013. 165, 89 US Dollar . The Bitcoin stock exchange Mt Gox, which has now been listed on a single stock exchange, is the highest ever price per bitcoin recorded. 242 USD . It remains exciting and not , but when

Bitcoin will reach a new record high, seems to be the right question.