Bitcoin Course Analysis KW26 - Outbreak from Sideway Channel

After the Brexit-related rise to up to 622. 33 EUR (692.9 USD), but fell subsequently into a stable sideways channel. From the course the price could again break out and is currently at 611. 00 EUR (680. 08 USD).

Summary: After the market price of the week at 622. 33 EUR (692.9 USD), the price fell to 569. 64 EUR (634. 04 USD).

For large part of the week course was in a stable sideways channel between 598. 83 EUR (666. 53 USD) and 569. 64 EUR (634. 04 USD).

  • Since yesterday, the price has risen and is currently at 611. 00 EUR (680. 08 USD).
  • One can feel the EM: Even if the Brexit had its easy influence on the course, everything quickly went to the agenda. And so for a few days the course has been quite stable or caught between stable support and a stable resistance.
Since yesterday - possibly motivated by news about segregated Witness - the price has risen, quite steep, but even now it is still slightly upside and is currently at 611. 00 EUR (680. 08 USD). Ultimately, the course seems to be in a very weak triangle pattern since yesterday, which should end tomorrow. So you can be curious!

So the characters remain calm-positive. What is definitely positive, is that the course since yesterday noon is again about EMA100 and EMA200. This afternoon, a bullish crossover took place, with the EMA100 again rising above EMA200 - which is a positive sign. What will the next weeks bring? Well, we are slowly moving towards the Halving and with Seg-Wit and the forced Bitcoin Classic hard fork, we have a lot of exciting things in front of us, which can not be seen in the charts and indicators. But from the current standpoint, you can take a positive, bullish attitude! In the short term, the trend will be determined by the behavior in the triangle pattern.

Disclaimer: The price estimates presented on this page do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell. They are merely an estimate of the analyst.

Image Base of data from cex. Io