Bitcoin-Miner signaling Segwit2x

Who would have thought, some Miners signal already Segwit2x. Originally, the 21st of July was the deadline for the Segwit2x signal.

Currently, 33, 3% of the mining pools for SegWit2x signal. Including Antpool, BitClub, BitFury, Bixin, BTC. com, BTCC and BTC. Top. Other pools like the Slush Pool are already in the starting holes. To enable the update, SegWit2x needs support of 80 percent of the hashrate in a period of 336 blocks (approximately 2 days). If this is successful, the SoftFork 336 blocks will be activated later on all SegWit2x nodes.

The BIP148 User Activated Soft Fork (UASF) will enter into force on August 1st. If the change does not provide sufficient support for SegWit, this could lead to a division of the blockchain.

Now it's up to the miners to provide their stolen blocks with a code snippet which signals a support for Segwit2x (BIP91).