Bitcoin Create tax and portfolio report made easy

, and much more.

Another nice feature is, for example, For example, an overview of all fees already paid or the risk-o-meter that predicts the probability of a strong price change.

The risk-o-meter: Bitcoin, digital currencies and the tax According to the FIFO method used in Germany and many other countries as well as other methods such as LIFO, HIFO or LOFO , CoinTracking calculates all trades on the cent exactly and prepares them automatically so that they have to be added as an attachment only in the tax declaration . The tool has been designed to fit anywhere from country to country. For example, a tax return can be established under the German Income Tax Act, Capital Gains, FBAR, Form 8949 and many other laws. CoinTracking Demo / Kosten It is easy to see that the platform defies countless charts, reports and evaluation possibilities. All features are designed to simplify and automate the day-to-day workload and, above all, the tax aspect of Bitcoin trading and other digital currencies. If you just want to sniff at first and get an overview of the multitude of functions, you can make the dummy data easy thanks to a demo version


A free free account with tax report and capital report is limited to a maximum of 200 trades. For currently converted 0, 08 BTC you get a PRO account with 330 trades, 5 wallets and 5 trade backups. BTC ECHO