Sell bitcoin: Where can one best sell its bitcoins (BTC)?


Bitcoin sell: Where can one best sell its bitcoins (BTC)?

How to sell Bitcoins quickly and safely.

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13. 08. 2017

Many Bitcoin owners keep their own bitcoins and hope for higher rates. However, there are always occasions when it is worth converting the digital coins back into euros. We show different methods how bitcoins can be exchanged in euros.

Table of contents

  • The best ways to buy Bitcoin for sale in comparison
  • Bitcoin buy?
  • Litebit. eu: Bitcoin with a value of up to 20. 000 Euro sell
  • Coinbase: Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin sell
  • Bitcoin. de: Sale of bitcoins on a German market place
  • Anycoindirect: Payout to bank account or Paypal

Best opportunities Bitcoin to sell in comparison

Bitcoin Exchange Bitcoin. de Coinbase Litebit. eu Anycoindirect

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P2P Marketplace Web Wallet

Reputation Exchange rate Fees User friendly Payment methods
SEPA credit transfer, Fidor Bank Express
Coinbase Euro- Account, SEPA transfer
SEPA transfer
SEPA transfer, Paypal
92% 91% 90% 90% Test
to the test to the test to the test To the offerer * To the offerer *
To the offerer * Bitcoin? Where can I buy Bitcoins (BTC)? Litebit. eu: Bitcoin with a value of up to 20. 000 Euro for sale
Photo: © "LiteBit. eu" Litebit. eu * provides a really easy and fast way to sell bitcoins. For this, the bitcoins do not have to be on the Litebit. eu wallet, but they can be transferred ad hoc to a given bitcoin address at the sale. As soon as the bitcoins have arrived, Litebit causes. eu the transfer directly to your own bank account (SEPA transfer). Photo: © "LiteBit. Eu"

Up to 20,000 Euros can be changed quickly and easily. The minimum amount is 15 euros. In addition, other old coins (but with other limits) can be exchanged in euros.

Please note, however, that the euro amount of the Bitcoins sold is processed and credited only on weekdays between 11.30 am - 4.30 pm.

Experience with LiteBit. eu. Coinbase: Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin sell


* offers the direct crediting of Euro when selling Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin. Depending on the verification level, Coinbase offers different limits. Since we have verified our Coinbase account, we are allowed to sell Bitcoin and Litecoin with a value of 9. 000 Euros per week. Photo: © " Screenshot" In order to credit the Bitcoin sold to your own bank account, it has to be deposited and verified. In addition, Coinbase also offers the direct sale of the Coinbase EUR Wallet. Here, the cryptic ferries sold are immediately credited.

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Coinbase is very transparent, the charges, which are incurred by all providers but not always immediately apparent. The higher the value of the bitcoins sold, the lower the fees. If a fee of € 99 is charged for € 10, it will cost € 2, € 99, ​​and € 1, 000 only € 14, 90.

Another option is the regular sale of Bitcoins. Here the default order can be repeated simply every day, week, every two weeks or every month. Experiences with Coinbase.

Bitcoin. de: Sale of Bitcoins on a German Marketplace

Bitcoin. de * is a German-based market place for bitcoins, which places great emphasis on security. However, some steps have to be taken beforehand in order to open an unrestricted and full account.

Photo: © "bitcoin. De" Since Bitcoin. de is a marketplace, the bitcoins are not sent to Bitcoin. de, but to other participants. When you create a sales order, you can set which trust level the buyer must have. If only the purchase is offered through the express trade, only traders who have a Fidor bank account can enter, with Bitcoin. de and reserved the euro amount for the trade beforehand. Thus, over Bitcoin. de and Fidor ensure that the euro amount is credited immediately after the transfer of Bitcoin.

Also with Bitcoin. the fees are very transparent, which were the lowest in our test.

Experiences with Bitcoin Marketplace bitcoin. de

Anycoindirect: Payout to bank account or Paypal

Photo: © Anycoindirect. eu Screenshot Anycoindirect * offers the possibility to sell many other Altcoins besides Bitcoins. In addition, Anycoindirect offers the direct payment to a bank account, transfer to a Paypal account.

Depending on the account verification level, Bitcoin can be sold up to 50,000 euros per week.

Photo: © "Anycoindirect. Eu Screenshot" To get to level 5, the identity must be confirmed by webcam and identity card.