Lunyr: A token against Fake News

In the midst of the ICO storm that just happened, Lunyr (LUN) stands. This project takes Wikipedia as an example and transfers it to a blockchain. The result: a platform against Fake News. Fake News Problems Who believes the Fake News problem has only been a problem since the presidential election in the United States, has been a big mistake.

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In test: LiteBit. eu Experience report - Bitcoin Trade 2017 bitcoinMag. de

In the test: LiteBit. eu experience report

Bitcoin Trades In Review: LiteBit. eu Experience report We are testing the LiteBit crypt exchange market. eu and report on our experience Photo: LiteBit. eu 15th 07. 2017 There are now cryptic diseases like sand at sea. In addition to the most popular currency Bitcoin, there are many interesting old coins on the market.

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What about Bitcoin Cash?

Just before the expected SegWit2x changeover on August 1, a new scaling concept called Bitcoin Cash Confusion. The supposed emergency plan, which is provided in the event of a SegWit2x failure, is borne by the BitcoinABC client. Behind this client are primarily the Mininggigant Bitmain and Roger Ver, who are interested in a non-SegWit solution.

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2016 - A historic year for Bitcoin?

The year 2016 in Bitcoin - what events have significantly influenced the course? A year's look back at Economy, Politics and Bitcoin Course. We are approaching Christmas and the end of the year - a good time to take a look at the Bitcoin course. As we have learned in recent weeks, this is a very positive view.

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Search engine DuckDuckGo integrates Bitcoin Price

The privacy-loving search engine DuckDuckGo now shows the current Bitcoin price with Bitcoin relevant search queries. The search engine service run by Gabriel Weinberg was founded in 2008 and has recently received a fresh layout. The driving force behind the search engine is the strong focus on the privacy of users.

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Recently on CoinMarketCap - Swis Coin on 3rd place? !

This picture is from today - And I thought it was a bad joke. We (the readers & editors) know our Top 5 out there. Everyone has their own preferences as far as cryptosciences are concerned, but everyone knows who's going to play - whether you like them all, or just "King Bitcoin" or none at all - so everyone has this image of the top cryptos.

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Reddit now accepts Bitcoin payments BTC-Echo

Reddit now accepts Bitcoin payments

The social news platform Reddit has announced that it will also accept bitcoin payments in the RedditMarket. The Bitcoin payment processor Coinbase will handle incoming Bitcoin payments from users on the platform and exchange the received BTC directly into Fiat currency. In the RedditMarket you can find a lot of fan articles, including a huge Reddit-Plüschtier for 142 US dollar.

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Experience report on the Kryptobörse Kraken. com - Bitcoin Trade 2017

Experience report on the Kryptobörse Kraken. com

Bitcoin Trade Experience report on the Kryptobörse Kraken. com Buy and sell Bitcoin: We report on our experience and show how it works. Photo: Kraken. com Screenshot 08. 09. 2017 Kraken. com is a large and strongly growing crypt-platform, which shines through easy operation and overview. There are 16 other Altcoins and 5 FIAT currencies, including Euro and US Dollar.

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