Bitcoin course is close to new record high

Yesterday, the Bitcoin course had a new all-time high, but missed it narrowly. Today, the market seems to have started a new offensive - the price is at a strong 1. 142 US dollars (1 080 euro). In the early morning hours alone, the price per bitcoin could grow by more than 10 US dollars. The price trend is similar to that of January 4, when the Bitcoin price has risen rapidly to after reaching the 1.

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Investing in Crypto-Investments: The ICO Strategy # 4 Investment Guide

What is an ICO? An ICO is comparable in parts to an initial issue of securities on a stock exchange. The word ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. An ICO is a way to earn money for projects in the blockchain ecosystem via crowdfunding. Those who put money into this project will get into the exchange of tokens of the planned cryptowogy - which can be worthwhile, as soon as the supported project has established itself - so at least the hope.

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Experience report on the BitFinex cryptosystem. com - Bitcoin Trade 2017 bitcoinMag. de

Experience report on the BitFinex cryptosystem. com

Bitcoin trade Experience report on the BitFinex crypto. com The full program in a stock exchange: We report on our experience and show how it goes. Photo: bitfinex. com Screenshot 04. 09. 2017 Bitfinex. com describes itself as the world's largest cryptorse. In addition to the Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple classics, Bitfinex has also supported BitcoinCash from the very beginning.

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ETC course analysis KW 33 - continue to be struggling BTC-ECHO

ETC course analysis KW 33 - continue to be struggling

The course could get up again but did not miss the EMA200 and is currently in a sideways trend at 0. 16 ETH. Summary: The downtrend last week was broken and initiated a slightly rising course. From August 14th, the EMA200 was tested several times, on 15 August it was even broken through, reaching the week's maximum of 0.

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Discount on Amazon thanks to DASH - BitCart makes it possible! | BTC-ECHO

Discount on Amazon thanks to DASH - BitCart makes it possible!

Through a cooperation with BitCart, a provider of vouchers, DASH users can save on Amazon 20%. DASH is working on a comprehensive adoption of the crypt diet. In the last few months, various co-operations have been reported between the crypt-rate and various services which are based on instantaneous transactions and anonymity.

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Cryptography: value creation or betting? | BTC-ECHO

Cryptography: value creation or betting?

Not only bitcoin, but cryptic malfunctions in general have grown considerably lately. Bubble or investment? A look at the investment Altcoin. Just after Christ's Ascension Weekend, the question asks whether the price rise of the last few months is a sign of greater acceptance of the masses, or of the speculation of a small circle of enthusiasts.

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Bitcoins now available from the Austrian Post Office BTC-ECHO

Bitcoins now available at the Austrian Post

There could be no better times - first accepted Lieferando. de Bitcoin and now the headline from Austria: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Litecoin can now be purchased from 1. 700 Austrian post offices and postal partners. When does it apply? As you can see from a Bitpanda message, this is true now. On site you can buy either 50, 100 or 500 Euro as vouchers, which can be exchanged in Bitpanda's wallet.

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Bitcoin-course groovt among the sounds of fresh liquidity

Yesterday, the price per bitcoin has risen sharply in a long time. Analysts are talking about a strong change in market confidence. In the course of yesterday, the digital currency rose to 639, 97 US dollars. This is a plus of 4% compared to the daytime of 615, 87 US dollars. Four percent do not sound much in the Bitcoin world, but the ice seems to be broken after the long downhill ride in the shadow of the Bitfinex hack.

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Where can I buy Ethereum or Ether (ETH)? - Ethereum 2017

Where can I buy Ethereum or Ether (ETH)?

Ethereum Where can I buy Ethereum or Ether (ETH)? Experience reports: Surely Ethereum or Ether (ETH) buy or trade Photo: ethereum. org . 11 09. 2017 Ether, the crypt of the Ethereum network, is similarly popular as the big brother Bitcoin. By 2016, Ethereum was known only in the cryptocene. In the meantime, the digital currency is gaining increasing popularity, partially exceeding the trading volume of Bitcoin.

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