Bitcoins deserve by surfing the Internet? Search Trade!

Every day we report interesting start-ups and start-ups in the Bitcoin branch. Often an extraordinary, courageous and sometimes very simple idea is present in the founders. But this time, a startup promises us a lot: when we use search engines, we can earn bitcoins.

SearchTrade says users can let the time they spend on the internet in Bitcoin. Only through the use of search engines should users fill their Bitcoin Wallet practically automatically.

In addition, users should have the opportunity to buy keywords. This will also add to the revenue generated by searching with this keyword. For example, a user could buy the keyword "Bitcoin". Now, if many people search the search engine for this keyword and click on advertisements (ie generate sales), the keyword's buyer is involved in the profit.

Is the paid search engine worth it?

This is probably the most exciting question at a startup. However, you should ask what amounts SearchTrade can really distribute. Finally, parts of the profit will also flow to the operator's account. In addition, the likelihood of a user clicking on advertisements is rather low. Particularly with technology-savvy users the click rates for advertisements are very low. So it remains to be seen how far one can benefit from the search engine.

-> SearchTrade itself states that you have already made 155 Bitcoins sales with the sale of 389 keywords (in advance).

The search engine Tixuma, which offers such a kind of "paid surfing" for a long time and who pays users in euros to use the search engine would also be worth a look. We tested Tixuma, the result: After a month, only a few cents remained for us. We are eager to see if SearchTrade can offer really attractive bonuses for users. Finally, competition with search engines is very strong ...

** 100. 000. 000 Satoshis = 1 Bitcoin

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