BitOasis credit card service in 5 new countries bitOasis credit card service in 5 new countries

Many, just new users, find themselves facing problems when they want to buy Bitcoin. Registering for an online exchange and using a banktransfer seems to be a bit crude. Using a credit or debit card is quicker, but these systems are also part of some fraud. BitOasis, one of the few exchanges that accepts EC cards, extends its service to five other countries.

It is an interesting development that bitcoin exchanges are now increasingly accepting card payments. Although there is this risk of fraud, BitOasis believes that such a service is needed right now. Ultimately, the purchase of Bitcoin should be simple and not bring too many hurdles. Unfortunately, many other exchanges make the purchase of bitcoins too time-consuming and lengthy. In order to reach a large mainstream audience, one needs pleasant solutions, so much is certain.

As you can almost imagine, it is however only once limited. Users from these countries can initially purchase Bitcoin up to a value of 550 US dollars with their preferred credit card. BitOasis looks to increase this limit in the future as soon as the service has established itself on the market. However, a date for canceling the limit has not yet been set. It appears that demand in these five countries is rising. It is expected that BitOasis will also be established in other countries in the future. For the service provider this is already a big step, but it remains interesting to observe how this will happen in the future. The Middle East could become a crypt ferry hub, right now by this simple way of buying bitcoin.