Blockchain and bitcoin conference in Prague: A meeting of the crypt industry

This month, a block-up and bitcoin conference will take place in Prague, where new hardware and software will be introduced to the crypto industry. In addition to the general developments in the blockchain sector, it will be quite technical in the lectures and discussions. The blockchain event series has already been held in Estonia, Russia and the Ukraine. The conference was held on 19 April in Moscow, where more than 30 speakers and 750 visitors were present.

- The company is one of the leading manufacturers of mining equipment for Bitcoin and Altcoins. HashCoins also offers a cloud mining service called HashFlare. io is to be found.

Waves Platform

- For blockchain startups, it is important to perform crowdfunding campaigns quickly and cost-effectively. The platform Waves Platform offers a decentralized service, which makes it possible to handle this form of financing efficiently and to act as a blockchain-based asset.

Super NET

- The platform acts as an intermediary between blockchain developers. This is intended to provide users with barrier-free access to blockchain innovations. Aureus

- The company is trying to connect both cryptorries and traditional financial investments via the blockchain. Among other things, models for dividend distributions are also to be presented. The financial company sees itself at the interface between the real economy and the "crypto" economy.


- The business platform covers the trading sector at the conference. Solvena has trading robots and trading software based on mathematical models. Polybius Bank

- Bank representatives will be discussing the implications of block-block technology in the financial sector.

Crypviser GmbH - The German company has specialized in data security and will provide information on cybersecurity challenges, with a focus on cryptography.

We at will be on site for you and we will be looking at the exhibiting companies more closely. In addition to reports on fascinating blockchain lectures, it will also give us a detailed presentation of the company, provided the companies convince us with their technology. Of course we will record everything with the camera and upload it as a report on YouTube.If you are attending the conference, we would be happy to meet you there. Just write to Facebook via Email or #Slack.