BTC-e Exchange: Again we have access to our data center

The digital trading center BTC-e is said to have access to the data center again. However, the Fiat currencies are still under the control of the law enforcement authorities. In a Russian opinion published on Bitcoin-Talk, BTC-e informed the public that the data should be analyzed and that further information should be made available within 10 days.

"We have access to our data center and the Wallets," said the trading center.

"We will analyze the data and wallet stocks and make them accessible to the public within 10 days. "

The assets of the Fiat stocks, however, were still in the hands of the financial services

Mayzus Financial Services and out of reach of BTC-e, a spokesman Customer Support.

Since the closing of the trading platform in July, users have been waiting for an opinion on the stock market so far. Earlier updates left many questions open, in particular the payment of bitcoin and altcoin stocks.

English original version via Cointelegraph