BTC-ECHO meets BlockchainHotel

Near the Limbecker Platz in Essen is the Unperfekthaus. Creative heads and good food meet here. Gideon Gallasch has created the "BlockchainHotel" Meetup with his colleagues here. was on the spot and looked more closely.

The Ruhr area as a metropolis

Of course, a capital like Berlin has its own charm, but the culture of the Ruhr area at least as much. Gideon and his colleague Gökhan already support the Bitcoin scene with their website Bitcoin-Treff. The idea behind it is to provide a platform for all those who want to trade or exchange Bitcoin. An idea that gained popularity with the LocalBitcoins page. But since LocalBitcoins was not allowed in Germany, it would be a step back for the German community, if such a service would not exist.

The Meetup

It was important to the organizers to feel comfortable in a comfortable environment, as this is the basis for efficient learning. After an introductory speech by the organizers, Stanislav Wolf began his lecture. "Why You Should Care About Blockchain" was the title, in German it was "Why you should pay attention to the blockchain". Wolf, who is active at BitcoinCologne among others, explained to the 50 guests present how important the blockchain has become. It was explained by examples from politics and the media.

Also a few of our readers were on site. We are happy to meet you and look forward to seeing you again at the BlockchainHotel. An appropriate foundation to provide information about Bitcoin & Blockchain, as well as provide first-hand information.