BTC course analysis KW 22 - the fight against the resistance

The price has risen by the week, but is currently in a strong resistance and stands at 2. 168, 95 EUR (2. 446, 03 USD).


  • The course has exceeded the week.
  • While the course against a Resistance fought at about 2. 100 Euro (approx. 2. 370 US Dollar) from 28 May to 31 May, he has been trying a Resistance at 2. 200 Euro (approx. 2. 480 US dollars).
  • Currently the price is at 2. 168, 95 EUR (2. 446, 03 USD).


(second panel from the top) is positive. Be careful: the MACD line (blue) is below the signal (orange). As long as the EMA48 holds I expect however here a Bullish Crossing between the two mentioned lines. At 56, the RSI (third panel from the top) is clearly bullish.

In total, the signs are bullish , with regard to both the indicators and the bullish triangle pattern, one can certainly look to the future with optimism. ->

Long-term price performance Let us look at the 240min chart as the first estimate of future developments:

We see that the uptrend has continued since the beginning of May , Furthermore, we see that the EMA84 (red) is a strong support; twice the course has recently been bounced on it.


is positive, even the MACD line is above the signal, even though the latter is currently about to cross the MACD line. The RSI is uniquely bullish

with 60.

Finally, consider the 1D Chart : In this representation the resistance is very clear. Admittedly, here it is more than 2. 170 euros (about 2450 US dollars). In any case, it is the maxima of the open or close values ​​in day resolution, which the course in the last few weeks possessed. The MACD is still positive, even though the MACD line is currently slightly below the signal (but it applies Bullish Crossing). Similarly, the RSI

is clearly bullish. Overall, the outlook on all charts is bullish

. Sure, it will show how strong the resistance is, but the indicators are all positive.

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