BCo price analysis KW 29 - GDP 91 pushes up price

After testing the support at 1. 568, 93 EUR (1. 829, 54 USD), the price rose over the week and currently stands at 2. 388, 84 EUR (2. 785, 65 USD).


  • The bitcoin course has exceeded the week.
  • After bouncing on last week's mentioned support at 1. 568, 93 EUR (1. 829, 54 USD), the course went into an upward trend. The most important Resistance is about 2. 470 euros (about 2.880 US dollars); The most important support is about 2. 300 euros (about 2. 700 US dollars).
  • With the good news around BIP91, Bitcoin's previous downtrend has recaptured. The course could bounce off at the last week described support. The same 50% -Fib retracement level on the 1D chart was tested a second time on July 17 and was able to continue. Since then, the price has risen, has been able to rise above EMA24 and EMA48 and finally break through the short and medium-term downtrends, which are likewise discussed last week, (marked light blue in the figure). The uptrend is currently being hampered by a resistance at approximately 2. 470 euros (approximately 2.880 US dollars). In the meantime, the course tried twice to overcome them, but so far without success.
(second panel from the top) is positive, but the MACD line (blue) is currently under the signal (orange).


(third panel from the top) stands at 54 in the slightly bullish area. Overall, the signs are bullish

. A first important support is created in this time window by the EMA24, at 2350, 10 EUR (2.740, 48 USD). More important, however, is the support provided by EMA48 and the upward trend, at 2.285, 69 EUR (2.665, 37 USD), as undercutting would lead to an end of the above-mentioned trend. The most important Resistance is 2.468, 80 EUR (2.878, 89 USD).

Looking at a further assessment of future developments, we first consider the 240min chart : Here the observation on the 60min chart is confirmed: The mentioned short- and medium-term downtrends were interrupted after the bouncing on the red-indicated support. In addition, EMA48 and EMA84, the moving average values ​​of the last one or two weeks, were also overcome. The positive development finally showed itself in a bullish crossing of the moving averages and thus confirmed the upward trend. The MACD could go back into the positive range, but currently the MACD line is slightly below the signal.The RSI is bullish at 61. In the medium term, the situation is as bullish as in the 60-minute chart. An important

support is 2.264, 12 EUR (2. 640, 21 USD), yesterday's minimum value. Resistance

is similar to the 60min chart at 2.468, 80 EUR (2.878, 89 USD).

Let's take a look at the 1D Chart :

Thanks to GDP 91 - the price is again above the upward trend seen since March! Here, as in other presentations, the price has risen over the moving averages, which are in the case of the 1D chart at one or two months. The downtrend, which has been pursued since the beginning of June, is thus broken.

The MACD is still in the negative range, but the MACD line is about to break back into the positive range. This rather bullish view is confirmed by an RSI , which is at 57. Overall, the forecast for bitcoin is . We will, of course, have to look at how the course of the described resistances and support is, but one can look slightly optimistic about the future again. Disclaimer: The price estimates presented on this page do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell. They are merely an estimate of the analyst. Image Base of data from coinbase.com