BTC course analysis KW13 - It goes up again!

The price has risen over the week and currently stands at 1.015, 14 EUR (1. 082, 60 USD).


  • The course has risen almost continuously over the week. The resistances described by EMA100 and EMA200 could be broken quickly, as well as a bullish crossover between EMA100 and EMA200 on March 31st.
  • Currently the price is at 1. 015, 14 EUR (1. 082, 60 USD).
throughout the week. Bitcoin is now worth more than a thousand euros

and was able to climb over the resistances described by EMA100 and EMA200. More: On 31 March, the EMA100 climbed over EMA200 in a bullish crossover . (second panel from the top) is positive, but the MACD ( blue ) below the signal ( orange

). In the short term, therefore, a stagnation or even a negative price correction can be expected; but as long as the MACD remains positive, the Uptrend does not endanger.

The Chaikin oscillator (bottom panel) is finally positive. Thus the chart looks more like the bullish bullish . The indicators are not 100% bullish, but it looks like a more short term correction or stagnation. The long-term price trend

Let's first look at the

chart: The downtrend we talked about last week was broken. The subsequent upside tested the Resistance described by the EMA100, in order to break this resistance and shortly afterwards also the resistance described by the EMA200. Currently the EMA200 is a hotly contested support. The MACD is well above the zero, however one thing, just regarding the testing of the EMA200, worries that there is currently a bearish crossover of MACD line and signal. The

RSI is clearly bullish. Confirming these bullishen signals, the Chaikin oscillator is positive. Looking at the end of the

: After the last week of the EMA100 described support broken and the EMA200 tested could the course meanwhile again so high that he did not only above the EMA100, but is currently trying to win back the long-term trend, which has been pursued since October 2016, as a support. MACD is negative, but the MACD line has risen above the signal. The RSI

stands at 51 and is bullish at best. The Chaikin oscillator is finally positive.

So we have a pretty bullish picture. We will have to see whether the support described by the EMA200 is on the 240min chart. If this holds, there is nothing else in the way of another Uptrend. Disclaimer: The price estimates presented on this page do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell. They are merely an estimate of the analyst.

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