BTC course analysis KW20 - And again an all-time high!

After a brief recovery phase, the Bitcoin rate has risen continually since May 16, reaching a new all-time high at 1.800, 41 EUR (2,017, 81 USD).


  • Until May 16, the price has fallen to up to 1. 554, 37 EUR (1. 742, 06 USD).
  • On May 16, the course broke out of the last week's Triangle Pattern and has since been on an Upwards Channel.
  • Currently, the price of a new Alltime High of 1. 800, 41 EUR (2. 017, 81 USD).

I have been thinking about peace last week - even if I could have expressed this in the headline and the short text more precisely. Anyway ... what a week! It is slowly becoming almost dull to write again and again of an all-time high. No, of course not, but it is fascinating. After leaving the Triangle Pattern mentioned last week, the price rose rapidly and could now reach a new all-time high of 1. 800, 41 EUR (2,017, 81 USD).

This was the course in a semi-stable upward channel. In general, EMA24 and EMA48 were and are important support lines in this upward trend.

The MACD (second panel from the top) is positive. Moreover, just the MACD line (blue) has risen above the signal (orange), in this respect the outlook according to MACD is still positive. With 71, the RSI

(third panel from the top) is not only extremely bullish, but slightly overbought. Overall, the signs are still bullish

. We'll see if the course continues to be in the current Upward channel. To further estimate future price movements, we look at medium and long-term price movements.

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The long-term price development

To further assess future developments, let's consider the 240min chart as the first:

Again, the mentioned triangle pattern is shown. The support of the Triangle Pattern shows an upward trend, which has been followed since the beginning of May. MACD is positive, in addition, the MACD line is above the signal. The

is, of course, also fallen, however, with 72 is extremely bullish to overbought.

Let's consider the

1D Chart : The MACD is not simply positive, but climbs to absurd heights. The recovery of the last few days is now over again, because the MACD line over the signal has risen.Something similar can be seen in the

RSI , here the course, even if he could recover last week, still overbought. In itself, everything looks positive from the indicators. Of course, with regard to the overbought RSI and the fast price rise this week, caution is advised, sooner or later some will want to bring the profits made with the rally of the last week home. I do not want to be so, as I said: in itself, all signals are bullish. So we are looking forward to this rally!

Disclaimer: The price estimates presented on this page do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell. They are merely an estimate of the analyst. Image Base of data from