BTC course analysis KW35 - Revenge of the Bulls

After a rather quiet week, where the resistance described by the EMAs was tested several times, the price rose abruptly and is currently at 541. 69 EUR (603. 96 USD).

The course was slightly falling until September 3 inclusive. EMA100 and EMA200 have been tested several times.

  • On the evening of 3 September, the course abruptly increased. After a short breathing session, the price rose sharply on September 4, abruptly and currently stands at 541. 69 EUR (603. 96 USD).
  • After a few weeks, when the course was rather bumped and affected by the quake in other Altcoins, the bulls have become active again this week and have pushed the course up. Bitfinex's current policy may have provided for re-emerging trust. The course is currently clearly above the support described by EMA100 and EMA200.
Also the MACD (second panel from above) speaks a bullish language and is currently positive. Although the MACD line (blue) seems to fall below the signal (orange), which is a sign of a negative course correction, but since the MACD is clearly positive, it is more of a brief respite.

The RSI (third panel from above) was over-sold yesterday and today. He is at 63 but continues to be extremely bullish.

The Accumulation / Distribution Chart (bottom panel) confirms the bullish picture described by the price, the trend and the indicators: Bitcoin is being hammed again. Both trend and indicators speak a clearly bullish language - so you can still expect more in the ascent! Ultimately, we also look at the long-term course, which we now briefly comment on.

These are positive prospects!

Disclaimer: The price estimates presented on this page do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell. They are merely an estimate of the analyst.

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