BTC Course Analysis KW40 - And it goes up!

After a test of support from the current Triangle Pattern, the price rose and is currently at 554. 50 EUR (618. 69 USD).


  • After the course had broken the EMAs, he tested the support of the current triangle pattern.
  • The course bounced and rose again over EMA100 and EMA200.
  • The EMA100 is currently being tested again and the course is at 554. 50 EUR (618. 69 USD).

But let's get to Bitcoin: It's actually quite chic! The expectation from the Scaling Bitcoin Conference has done well. Although the course fell to 538. 39 EUR (601. 32 USD) on October 5, it touched on the support of the Triangle Pattern, which caught the course since the beginning of August. The course was bounced on it and could thus catapult itself again over EMA100 and EMA200. The high-altitude flight came to a halt on October 8 and has remained stable at around EUR 555 (USD 619. 25) ever since. But beware: the EMA100 is currently being tested.

The MACD (second panel from the top) is slightly negative. However, the MACD line (blue) is above the signal (orange), which is positive.

The RSI (third panel from the top) is slightly bullish at 52. The Chaikin oscillator chart (lower panel) has fallen since this morning, but still positive.

Overall, the characters are mostly positive, but what do other timeframes say?

Long-term developments further upwards?

Fortunately, the positive signals from the 60min chart are confirmed in the 240min chart and the 1D chart! As we saw in the last week, we first look at the 240min chart:

We see that the positive image from the 60min chart is also here: prices, trend and indicators are all bullish. The only slightly negative sign is the MACD, in which the MACD line (blue) has fallen below the signal (orange). Surely one can look here, if the MACD falls below the zero, but currently the MACD is still positive.

So, and what does the 1D chart say?

Again, price, trend and indicators speak bullish: the price has risen over the EMA100 in September and has been able to hold on to it since then.RSI and Chaikin oscillator are clearly bullish and even if the MACD in the above representation is hardly different from the Nullinin is primarily because the MACD signal at the end of June was so huge.

So it still looks very positive!

Disclaimer: The price estimates presented on this page do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell. They are merely an estimate of the analyst.

Image Base of data from cex. Io