CleverCoin allows Bitcoin to buy Boost orders

From now on, European users can buy and sell 10x more bitcoins with Boost Spot Contracts as they have credit balances available. This weekend, CleverCoin has launched Boost Spot Contracts - a way for its users to buy and sell 10x times more bitcoins than the amount of their current credit. With this release, CleverCoin is the first European Bitcoin Exchange offering users the opportunity to trade Euro and Bitcoin with a boost of ten times. You can pay by iDEAL, SEPA, Visa- or Mastercard

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Boost allows users to buy or sell Bitcoins without paying the entire purchase price immediately. An advance payment of 10% of the purchase price is sufficient. A boost spot contract runs for up to 48 hours. Thereafter, the user can either deposit the missing amount or terminate the spot contract - with which the order is resold.

After a one month closed beta phase, Boost is now accessible to any verified user. "During the beta phase, we have constantly improved the ease-of-use of the feature to make it easier for our users to make the right decisions in action," said Karsten Nilsen, CEO of CleverCoin.

"With an intelligent graph, you can keep track of the course developments at any time, and immediately see the effects on the current job. "

Making profit with falling price

With the boost sales option, you can profit directly from the case of bitcoincourt. "Since the bitcoin price has often fallen recently, more and more people are looking for a way to benefit from this development. With CleverCoins Boost there is now a simple possibility - and this at a European stock exchange, "continues Nilsen. CleverCoin is currently part of the Silicon Valley-based Bitcoin incubator Boost VC. Adam Draper, a well-known venture capitalist and founder of the incubator, emphasizes the importance of new trading functions: "The market for bitcoin exchanges is developing extremely fast. The fastest growing exchanges all offer the so-called leveraged trading. The demand for it is growing all over the world. CleverCoin wants to close the gap between direct trading, which is supposed to make bitcoin trading as easy as possible, and Bitcoin exchanges, which are often very complicated and demanding.

"At the moment, most people want to beat profit from bitcoin speculation.You have to be able to complete a trade quickly. With the payment methods iDEAL, SEPA,

Visa and MasterCard

, CleverCoin allows for equivalent purchase possibilities like direct trading platforms, but offers the easy to use order book. The boost function complements our vision of making Bitcoins' actions more accessible and comprehensible. Many of our closed beta test groups were delighted to have a boost to their bitcoin trades, even though trading vocabularies such as futures and swaps have so far been unrelated, "Karsten Nilsen concludes.

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Image Source: CleverCoin, Fotolia