CoinTracking. info: Keep track of your Bitcoin portfolio!

Charts and User Statistics
In the meantime, various charts and coin trends are standard on countless web pages, as is CoinTracking.

Photo: © "cointracking. Info Screenshot" A nice bit is the so-called user statistics. Here you can see how many Bitcoin the average user of CoinTracking holds in the portfolio (namely, 72, 7 percent at most 1 BTC, 0, 24 percent and 98 users, respectively, above 1 000 BTC).

The value of the user portfolios as well as a profit-loss overview and others are also made available.

Security is, according to our assessment, taken into account: CoinTracking is SSL-certified and encrypted; in addition, data is only analyzed or imported by API and thus read only. No access (username, password) to exchanges is needed! So stocks can not be manipulated. There is no two-factor authentication. For the reason just described, we do not consider it necessary.

Also recommended is the CoinTracking app and matching widgets. This is currently available for Android devices only and can be connected via Android mobile API key easily with your own account.

Anyone who wants to receive reports by e-mail (daily, weekly, monthly) - a nice service. Only the app is easier and more direct to handle.

Bitcoin & Taxation: Fit for the next taxation

Regarding taxes: Which Porfolio shares can be sold without tax? The answer to this is provided by the above-mentioned report on tax-free coins. All tax-free (long) and taxable (short) coins are calculated for any date.All "Long Shares" must be indicated in the annual tax return because all regular trades are considered a private sale and are taxed with the personal income tax rate (or 25% for geminte coins). CoinTracking with its tax report is a great help, even if the report should not replace a professional tax consultant. After some individual settings, however, you get a good overview of your own tax liability.

Our assessment: With Cointracking. info is well equipped for the next tax declaration.

Photo: © "cointracking. Info Screenshot"

Conclusion CoinTracking. info has been in existence since April 2013 and has been continuously developed since then, most recently in the form of the tax report, the coin trend or the altcoin wallet import. Class! The inclusion of your own data is intuitive and versatile. This applies equally to the entire page. Great for beginners and at the same time CoinTracking is versatile for advanced users. An outstanding administrative tool that every owner of cryptos should look at.

The extensive free account for up to 200 trades as well as the moderate costs for which you can use the program for a lifetime can be convincing - even if the website is no longer available, you get the right for a private one and commercial use via own server or installable version. This is a convincing product policy!

If you would like to try out CoinTracking, you should register for your own benefit via this link: // cointracking. info *