Proof of Stake thanks to Casper: the future of the Ethereum BTC-ECHO

Proof of Stake thanks to Casper: the future of the Ethereum

After years of development, the consensus algorithm from the Ethereum network is now to be updated to Proof of Stake. Ethereum: Vitaly Buterin, the inventor of cryptography, recently published an article stating that a hybrid system will soon be put between Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. The consensus of Bitcoin Mining, which is known as proof of work, is to be combined with a Proof of Stake system known under the name Casper.

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Experience report on the BitFinex cryptosystem. com - Bitcoin Trade 2017

Experience report on the BitFinex cryptosystem. com

Bitcoin trade Experience report on the BitFinex crypto. com The full program in a stock exchange: We report on our experience and show how it goes. Photo: bitfinex. com Screenshot 04. 09. 2017 Bitfinex. com describes itself as the world's largest cryptorse. In addition to the Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple classics, Bitfinex has also supported BitcoinCash from the very beginning.

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BTC-ECHO meets BlockchainHotel | BTC-ECHO

BTC-ECHO meets BlockchainHotel

Near the Limbecker Platz in Essen is the Unperfekthaus. Creative heads and good food meet here. Gideon Gallasch has created the "BlockchainHotel" Meetup with his colleagues here. BTC-ECHO was on the spot and looked more closely. The Ruhr area as a metropolis Of course, a capital like Berlin has its own charm, but the culture of the Ruhr area at least as much.

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BTC-e Exchange: Again we have access to our data center

The digital trading center BTC-e is said to have access to the data center again. However, the Fiat currencies are still under the control of the law enforcement authorities. In a Russian opinion published on Bitcoin-Talk, BTC-e informed the public that the data should be analyzed and that further information should be made available within 10 days.

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How to get your free Bitcoin Cash (BCH) -Coins? - Bitcoin 2017

How to get your free Bitcoin Cash (BCH) -Coins?

Bitcoin How to get its free Bitcoin Cash (BCH) coins? Tutorial: Step by step, we show you how to get your own free Bitcoin Cash (BCH) -Coins. Photo: © BillionPhotos. com - Fotolia. com 06th 08. 2017 On 1 August many Bitcoin owners received the new Altcoin currency Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash is a crypt diet formed by a Miner-Activated-Hard-Fork (MAHF), which was formed on 1 August 2017 at 12:20 pm (14: 20 clock German time) by a splitting off of the bitcoin blockchain.

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Where can I buy Ethereum or Ether (ETH)? - Ethereum 2017 bitcoinMag. en

Where can I buy Ethereum or Ether (ETH)?

Ethereum Where can I buy Ethereum or Ether (ETH)? Experience reports: Surely Ethereum or Ether (ETH) buy or trade Photo: ethereum. org . 11 09. 2017 Ether, the crypt of the Ethereum network, is similarly popular as the big brother Bitcoin. By 2016, Ethereum was known only in the cryptocene. In the meantime, the digital currency is gaining increasing popularity, partially exceeding the trading volume of Bitcoin.

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Cryptography: value creation or betting? | BTC-ECHO

Cryptography: value creation or betting?

Not only bitcoin, but cryptic malfunctions in general have grown considerably lately. Bubble or investment? A look at the investment Altcoin. Just after Christ's Ascension Weekend, the question asks whether the price rise of the last few months is a sign of greater acceptance of the masses, or of the speculation of a small circle of enthusiasts.

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High school ESMT Berlin accepts Bitcoin

ESMT Berlin is the first German university to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. This means that all payments, Eg semester contributions, with Bitcoin. ESMT's CFO, Georg Garlichs, comments: "Bitcoin as a payment method to integrate into our university day is a logical consequence of digitization. Especially in the case of international transfers from countries without a well-functioning banking system, the digital currency offers great advantages through the immediate, practical, free transfe

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Is it still worth investing in cryptos?

From various sides, the question is asked whether to invest in cryptic currency or digital currencies. Trying an answer. "If I had invested in 2011 immediately! But now it is not worth it anymore. "" I've unfortunately not got the right time and now I'm afraid I'm losing money. "" I have too little money to really get out of the cryptic diet.

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The wind turns: bitcoin course again over 380 euros BTC-ECHO

The wind turns: bitcoin course again over 380 euros

During the last week the price of Bitcoin has risen again thanks to the renewed public opinion. On 19 February, Bitcoin traded for 387 euros, compared with the price on February 12, this is an increase of 11%. This development is strongly in contrast with the development between 4 and 11 February, in which bitcoin roughly pendulated between 335 and 350 euro.

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