Bitcoin course is close to new record high

Yesterday, the Bitcoin course had a new all-time high, but missed it narrowly. Today, the market seems to have started a new offensive - the price is at a strong 1. 142 US dollars (1 080 euro). In the early morning hours alone, the price per bitcoin could grow by more than 10 US dollars. The price trend is similar to that of January 4, when the Bitcoin price has risen rapidly to after reaching the 1.

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In test: LiteBit. eu Experience report - Bitcoin Trade 2017 bitcoinMag. de

In the test: LiteBit. eu experience report

Bitcoin Trades In Review: LiteBit. eu Experience report We are testing the LiteBit crypt exchange market. eu and report on our experience Photo: LiteBit. eu 15th 07. 2017 There are now cryptic diseases like sand at sea. In addition to the most popular currency Bitcoin, there are many interesting old coins on the market.

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Video: Fund for BTC & ETH? | Altcoin Courses | Blokchain-DOKU

Weekly we stand by BTC-ECHO you with a video to the side. Current topics, quickly and easily explained. This video is about the Bitcoin & Ethereum ETF, reasons for the growth of Altcoins and a blockchain documentation. Fonds The Winklevoss twins maybe you know from the movie "The Social Network". Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss also have much to do with Bitcoin: they run the New York Bitcoin stock exchange Gemini and wanted to launch a Bitcoin fund.

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Briefly explained: Fibonacci Retracement Level

What is a Fibonacci Retracement Level? This article will explain this analysis tool and explain its role in trading. In yesterday's course analysis (and a few older ones), Fibonacci retracement levels were pointed out. But what are these and why should I care? This question I would like to pursue in this article and quasi explain from the ground up .

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Blockchain Federal association gives first press conference BTC-ECHO

Blockchain Federal association gives first press conference

Yesterday, 33 companies from all over Germany founded the Blockchain Bundesverband, based in Berlin. Today, on 30 June 2017, the first official press conference took place at the conference center in the House of the Federal Press Conference. The board consists of Florian Gatz (blockchain lawyer), Joachim Lohkamp (JOLOCOM) and Friederike Ernst (gnosis).

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How do I buy IOTA tokens? - Altcoins 2017 bitcoinMag. en

How do I buy IOTA tokens?

Altcoins How do I buy IOTA tokens? How to buy and trade Iota (IOTA)? Photo: bitfinex. com Screenshot 22. 08. 2017 The IOTA token is considered the crypt diet for Internet-of-Things. IOTA thus combines two of the most exciting future topics: blockchain and IoT. This makes the iota token one of the most interesting old coins currently on the market.

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Bitcoin regulation: "Legislators must create legal foundations"

The law firm WINHELLER from Frankfurt a. M. is a proven expert when there are legal and tax questions about bitcoin. For example, lawyer Lutz Auffenberg was the only invited lawyer at Inside Bitcoins Berlin (IBB) to discuss the regulation of bitcoins. Bitcoins are still on the rise. It is no longer possible to pay with the digital currency in the Internet alone.

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BTC share price analysis KW 29 - GDP 91 pushes up price | BTC-ECHO

BCo price analysis KW 29 - GDP 91 pushes up price

After testing the support at 1. 568, 93 EUR (1. 829, 54 USD), the price rose over the week and currently stands at 2. 388, 84 EUR (2. 785, 65 USD). Summary The bitcoin course has exceeded the week. After bouncing on last week's mentioned support at 1. 568, 93 EUR (1. 829, 54 USD), the course went into an upward trend.

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Bitcoin course analysis KW 18 - stabilization after price decline

This week fell twice strongly and is now at 395. 43 EUR (450. 79 USD). Summary: Bitcoin's course fell twice abruptly the week. This week was on 3 May 385. 80 EUR (439.81) course recovered in both cases and is currently at 395. 43 EUR (450. 79 USD). The course fell sharply in two places, the first price drop can be related to the DAO token sale, the second with the announcement by Craig Nakamoto.

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