The DAO in a new guise - Making the DAO great again?

On the EDCON, the decentralized autonomous organization or DAO was briefly discussed.

Deadly living longer: Even after the dramatic end of the DAO, developers are still thrilled by the general concept of the decentralized autonomous organization.

Discussions at EDCON 2017, the recent Ethereum Developer Conference, show that this concept continues to be worked on.

Since then, developers have become more cautious with the deployment of a decentralized autonomous organization. However, the DAO, or rather the Smart Contracts itself, is better and safer.

With all the enthusiasm, however, there are also people who are skeptical about the DAO concept. Too much must be taken into account by the Smart Contracts, too many special designs have to be anticipated.

This opinion represents Rick Dudley, one of the developers behind Omise: "Personally, I keep myself away from DAOs. Businesses need private agreements as a basis for trade and contracts, which means that one must rely on people to place their trust. "Inside DAO, outside what else? However, as already pointed out, the idea is not dead in all skepticism. Only in November, some developers behind the original DAO announced to work on a new DAO for charitable purposes, a DAO, with an exploit like the Done can not happen.

Today there is no explicit reference to a DAO on the website, but this may also be due to the fact that the next goals have a smaller range of functions and a slightly different goal. Currently, Colony applies for example to earning tokens by completing tasks. About Aragon, a management platform for "unstoppable companies", one can say the same: Ultimately, their vision is a DAO, they just want to appeal to more people: "We do not want to come as nerds and only appeal to Ethereum developers , In general, we would like to inform people that we can start up companies with companies that are decentralized. "Says Luis Cuende, Project Lead of Aragon.

The platform allows employees in one of these decentralized companies to decide about company decisions.Aragon would like to use Smart Contracts for the realization of such voting processes.

"So we're dealing with a peer to peer company. "Are DAOs ready for a reissue?

In general, there is a consensus that one should rethink the concept itself before (re) launching a DAO. Primavera de Filippi is Research Fellow at Berkman Center for Internet & Security at Harvard University. It represents the position that the concept of the decentralized organistions still needs a lot of work before a large-scale deployment. "What the DAO showed us is that the old proverb from the hitchhiker through the galaxy is true: everything that goes wrong goes wrong. We can not assume that a system works as we expect. "In her lecture at the EDCON she talked about a DAO, at which she, before the people around Slock. it. This was a robot factory that accepted microtransactions as a means of payment. Today she believes that a completely new management system is needed for the solution, which developers have recognized in the DAO concept. "Since we can not foresee all possible events, we can not set up a completely automated system, which remains the same as originally developed. "Despite these admonishing words, others are working hard on their DAO, whether they are so called or not. Aragon would like to launch their version 1. 0 as soon as possible, even if it still takes about half a year. To avoid possible exploits, Aragon works with Zeppelin. Zeppelin is a company that offers tested Smart Contracts. In addition, Aragon would like to suspend the code for an information security audit and to subject the system to genuine use cases before the actual launch. After all, you do not want people to lose their money.

English original version of Alyssa Hertig via CoinDesk