Third Bitcoin Mining Pool Signals SegWit Support

After a long pause, the world's third-largest Mining Pool F2Pool has chosen Segregated Witness (SegWit) support. Both with Bitcoin and Litecoin. On April 14, the operator of the F2Pool, Wang Chun, published the results of an internal survey among all miners involved. According to Chun, 56% of the miners voted for SegWit.

The SegWit Block Mining is already underway

Chun's announcement has already matched the first SegWit blocks. If the entire Hashpower (10% of the entire network) is switched to SegWit, F2Pool will probably reach the 30% mark by the end of the week. Chun's decision to support SegWit came as a surprise. Only 4 days earlier, the pool operator spoke clearly against SegWit:

On 12 April he wrote on Twitter:

"SegWit will be a disaster. I will not support SegWit since I am a bitcoin holder. I've tried Core to love, but Core does not love me. Now I know Charlie Lee has a backup plan and that is UASF. "It remains to be seen whether the F2Pool is really looking for the best solution for its miners and the community, or whether SegWit is the best way to prevent UASF. English original version via CoinTelegraph