First Bitcoin two-way machine in operation at Hotel Schani Vienna

With the Bitcoin Two-Way ATM, the Hotel Schani Vienna is the first hotel in Austria to buy and sell cryptic ferments 24/7. With the possibility of bit credit, the Hotel Schani Wien anticipates the trend for digital forms of payment. Interest is also evident in the population and more and more are choosing to pay with Bitcoin.

After the hotel Schani Wien has accepted Bitcoin since April 2016 at the bar and in the Greissler Hotelshop Bitcoin, Bitcoins can now be purchased and sold directly at the hotel on a machine from the company Cointed. Thus, the Hotel Schani Vienna is the first hotel where the sale and purchase of the crypt diet are possible. The automat in the Hotel Schani Vienna is also the first two-way ATM in Europe, which is accessible 24 hours a day. A further special feature is the possibility to choose from different cryptic methods. In addition to Bitcoin, Dash and Litecoin can be purchased and sold, and in the future two to five additional digital currencies will be available.

The hotel places great value on progress, trends and the simplification of processes. Accordingly, it is obvious to accept a digital currency as a means of payment, which simplifies the transaction and makes it possible directly from the sender to the receiver. The transfer of a bank is omitted and transfers are possible across countries without fees and without a long waiting period. In addition, the Hotel Schani Wien is working hard to provide a solution to the hotel's bit-rate payments.

was already in the course of the video-report series "Bitcoin in Europe" to visit the hotel Schani: Bitcoin in Europe: Vienna Bitcoin was already at the information event in the February 2016. While at this time the bitcoin was worth about € 400, the bitcoin value at the beginning of August 2017 is approx. € 2. 300, -. The increase of 475 percent shows the steady growth recorded since Bitcoin began in 2010. Benedikt Komarek, managing director and owner of Hotel Schani Vienna, is delighted by the digital payment method and is confident that "digital money, such as Bitcoin, is gaining in importance and will soon become a means of payment for the future. "For Cointal CEO Wolfgang Thaler, cryptic payments such as bitcoin" are the next logical step in the evolution of payment methods and the answer to a question already asked in the 1990s: How to make global, day-to-day transfers faster, more efficient , safer and cheaper than in conventional banking?"The payment with Bitcoin is, in addition to the individual room selection, the mobile check-in and the mobile key, another technology that simplifies the processes at the Hotel Schani Vienna and ensures a fast, uncomplicated implementation.