ETH course analysis KW 25 - Gentle going down

The price has fallen over, especially after the dump on 20 June, the week and currently stands at 0, 12 BTC (280, 30 EUR).


  • Bitcoin has fallen over the week.
  • On June 20 and June 21, two dumps ensured that the price ranged from 0, 14 BTC (326, 30 EUR) to 0, 12 BTC (280, 30 EUR), and to 0, 11 BTC (256, 30 EUR).
  • Although the price did not remain at the last minimal level, it has been moving downwards in a gentle downtrend and now stands at 0.12 BTC (280, 30 EUR).
(second panel from the top) is negative, the MACD line (blue) is under the signal (orange) and confirms the downtrend.

This negative impression is confirmed by the RSI (third panel from the top), which is at bearish 37. Overall, the

60min chart is clearly bearish

. It is also appropriate to follow the downtrend, possibly even with an acceleration. The long-term price development To further assess the future price movements, the medium- and long-term charts will again be considered. Let's take a look at the 240min chart below: In addition to the already discussed downtrend of the last week, a rough Uptrend, which was followed this month, is drawn. According to this trend, a kind of showdown is coming up, but up and downtrend are approaching. Currently the support described by the Uptrend is being tested. What worries about this is that EMA42 and EMA84 are currently going to carry out bearish crossing, which would be a sign of a longer-term downtrend. MACD


confirms the course and trend, and is negative; the MACD line and signal, as well as the moving averages, perform bearish crossing. The

RSI rounds off the bearish image with a value of 32. Overall, the 240min chart is also clearly bearish


Finally, consider the 1D Chart : In addition to the Fib retraction levels, the Upward Channel, which has been tracked since March, is entered. Support for the Upward Channel is an important support, which will be tested until early July.Currently, however, the 23, 6% -Fib retracement level is being tested by the course. The is positive, but the MACD line is well below the signal. The RSI is currently at 50 and is thus neutral. The long-term forecast is rather neutral, according to the price, trend, and MACD. Although the support of the Upward channel has not yet been tested, the price trends in the 60min and 240min charts can be seen that in the short to medium term the signs are rather bearish - which can lead to a test of the support in the 1D chart. Particularly interesting is therefore the observation of the test of the support in the 240min chart.

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