ETH Course Analysis KW 33 - Early Delighted

The hoped-for price increase was of rather short duration: after reaching a maximum at 11. 23 EUR (12.66 USD), the price fell the whole week and is currently at 9. 91 EUR (11. 18 USD).

Summary: Uptrend last week was on 10 August already an end.

  • Course since then falling.
  • Downward channel support became Resistance on 14 August; Course is currently at 9. 91 EUR (11. 18 USD).
Well ... The crypt curiosities are all currently struggling and so is Ethereum affected: Since the beginning of the week the course has fallen by about one euro. This is not dramatically much, of course, and we have seen much more dramatic volatility - but still: the suspected Uptrend did not last very long.

The MACD (second panel from above) was negative over the week - which is also current. Although the MACD line (blue) tries to get straight above the signal (orange) - but you are still far from a turn.

The RSI (third panel from the top) is currently at 50 and says little. He has recovered since the 15th and 16th, when he slipped into the overpriced, but he is still not bullish.

Unlike the last week, the characters are negative. If the course is able to break through the Resistance, the course could escape from the downward channel - even if it is said that the course would be the first to climb into the slightly higher downward channel.

Perforated long-term trend

On a grand scale of things the up-going long-term trend (blue entered) was finally broken through. I have sketched in the upper picture times the course development since mid-May, which is strongly determined by DAO Token sale, DAO hack, Hardfork and Ethereum Classic. All these points have to do with one another; it can be seen that the whole recent drama of Ethereum led to the long-term trend being broken through and now falling rather easily. Finally, Ethereum will have to recover from the entire DAO drama around the above-mentioned topics in order to break through this trend. So if someone just has Moonshot idea for Ethereum - the course would do well!

Disclaimer: The price estimates presented on this page do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell. They are merely an estimate of the analyst.

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Image is created based on data from kraken com.