ETH course analysis KW14 - Difficulty bomb expresses course

orange ). According to the MACD, therefore, everything looks bullish. At 55, the RSI (third panel from above) encourages this bullish picture. The Chaikin oscillator (bottom panel) is positive and completes this picture. However, it has to be emphasized that he is only just above zero. Thus the chart looks like bullish

from the price development. We'll have to see if the course can break the EMA100 - or bounce back to this most important Resistance. According to the indicators, however, there is reason to hope for a breakthrough. The long-term price trend First we look at the 2409 chart: The 99min chart shows that a downtrend has been tracked since the end of March. Meanwhile, the support described by the EMA100 has been breached and tested by the EMA200. The indicators are bearish to mid-range: The MACD

is below zero, but the MACD line has recently been above the signal. The RSI is slightly bearish at 49. Finally, the Chaikin oscillator is negative and rounds off this bearish picture.

Let's take a look at the still bullish

1D Chart : The MACD is positive, but the MACD line fell below the signal. The RSI has fallen further and is currently at 50 - and does not say anything. The Chaikin oscillator is negative.

We will have to wait and see how the course on the EMA100 of the 60min-Charts behaves.If the course bounced back then the support described by the EMA200 in the 240min chart would be broken - which would confirm the medium-term bearish picture. In turn, a breakthrough on the EMA100 in the 60min chart would also strengthen the position of the course above the support described by the EMA200.

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