ETH course analysis KW16 - Weak week for ETH

With 48, the RSI (third panel from above) supports this bearish image.

The Chaikin Oscillator (lower panel) is currently dancing around zero.

The chart

therefore looks to bearish bearish . For further prognosis, we will look at medium- and long-term price developments.

The long-term price trend First we look at the chart:

After the downtrend is before the downtrend one would like to say: Although the downtrend, the course from the end of March to In mid-April, however, a short downturn followed, which still holds to this day. The course is currently trapped between EMA100 and EMA200, the former being the Resistance and the last the Support. Finally, the resistance was tested so that it can be followed with concern whether the course can continue to hold over the EMA200. The indicators confirm these concerns: The is slightly negative and the MACD line and signal are almost equal. The

RSI is more bearish at 45. Finally, the Chaikin oscillator is positively similar to the 60min chart in contrast to the otherwise bearish signals. Let's take a look at the

1D Chart

: The MACD is positive, but the MACD line is very close to the signal. The

RSI is currently at 50 and is thus neutral. Finally, the Chaikin oscillator is slightly positive. Disclaimer: The price estimates presented on this page do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell. They are merely an estimate of the analyst. Image Base of data from