Financial experts: "zero" is the right price for cryptosciences

Opinions about the Bitcoin price are far apart. Some hold 2.000 euros long overpriced, some one predicts a five-digit value in the future. This financial expert holds a price of 0 for the only correct one for cryptic investigations. Jonathan Harris: Known for clear opinions Jonathan Harris, has 20 years of financial experience. He says of himself "to understand the underlying mathematics and economic questions". This leads him to his provocative statement that the bitcoin is "zero".

It is known that many financial experts question the inherent value of Bitcoin. They argue that the currency itself has no value. While this opinion is widely known, Harris leads a bit further: he calls cryptrys generally a "pyramid system", in any case his statements are so to interpret. He claims that value increases can only be caused by ever-new investors and thus the deposits of the prepress can be multiplied.

False information or illusions in the mainstream

It also sees opportunities in capital control that can continue the growth of Bitcoin - an aspect that initially seems difficult to enforce. Finally, the currency is characterized by the fact that it can remain largely unaffected by any regulation if users do not follow it. The system itself can be turned off less easily.