Does Bitcoin form a new price cut-off at 1.000 US dollars? Bitcoin is formulating a new price cut-off at 1.000 US dollars?

The bitcoin rate seems to stabilize at a new benchmark. The price of a token currently stands at US $ 1 039 (US $ 983), continuing its constant trend above the $ 1 000 mark. Since 14 February, the course has already crossed the magical border.

Still, the analysts are certain: before Bitcoin's $ 1000 support level

, the digital currency will have to last several days - above that mark.

Crypto Asset Management said in an interview with CoinDesk that a support level at 1 000 USD is very likely, the price should remain stable.

But he also believes that a


is very likely at this value: "I would be very perplexed if we were now, apart from external events, among the thousand US dollars Brand. " , former Bitcoin Foundation member and CEO of Identity Startup Civic, however, still has his doubts: "It's quite possible, but rather unlikely. "Lingham had previously predicted a consolidation at $ 1 000 within the next two months. Now he corrected his statement with a fluctuation on the level of +/- 50 US dollar.

of the Whaleclub believes that the price does not represent a "large support level", was in line with the current trend but optimistic: "The longer the price above the $ 1,000 mark, the more the support level. "A small test of the support level might be a small slippage below the limit. If the Bitcoin course then jump over the thousand dollars again, the support would strengthen further.

English original version via CoinDesk