At Blockchain Hotel (Essen): 2 days Bitcoin & Blockchain-Quick Tour

Near the Limbecker-Platz in Essen, the Unperfekthaus is quite inconspicuous. Creative heads and good food meet here. The next big event will be the Bitcoin, Blockchain and Fintech-Event from the 15th -16th. September. A 2-day Bitcoin & Blockchain crash course in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, sun terrace with a view over the city included - you should not miss this. readers receive a discount (more information below). >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> All the more than 100 years since the death of Robert Clayton .. de) Mind the gap - When Blockchain meets reality - Friedemann Brenneis (Coinspondent) Janina Lowisz (Blockchain Girl) - David Mondrus (trive)
  • Bitcoin Price Speculation & Economic Significance - Tone Vays (ToneVays) The Open Mobility System - blockchain powered new infrastructure - <-> - - - - - - Artem Chestnov (LAToken) The potential of blockchain Crowdfunding -
  • Michal Stefanow (Astralship UK) After Party / Get-Together / CryptoParty
  • You can get more information about the timetable, arrival and departure as well as accommodation options on the official events page
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