In the test: LiteBit. eu experience report

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In Review: LiteBit. eu Experience report

We are testing the LiteBit crypt exchange market. eu and report on our experience

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15th 07. 2017

There are now cryptic diseases like sand at sea. In addition to the most popular currency Bitcoin, there are many interesting old coins on the market. And here comes LiteBit. eu into the game: the exchange of digital currencies has made it its task to be able to acquire all these currencies as easily as possible.

Table of Contents

  • LiteBit. eu at a glance
  • LiteBit. eu with its own Bitcoin and Altcoin wallets
  • LiteBit. eu Bitcon & Altcoins buy with instant reference
  • Conclusion: Our experience with LiteBit. eu

LiteBit. eu at a glance

LiteBit. eu * is a European cryptic exchange market on which Bitcoins, Ethereum and over 40 other Altcoins can be acquired. The company, which is based in the Netherlands, makes it possible to enter the cryptural market within a few minutes. With Fiat currencies (Euro), more than 40 cryptos can be purchased in just a few minutes - once the verification process has been completed once.

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LiteBit offers. Eu the following payment methods:

  • SEPA transfer
  • Instant transfer
  • GiroPay
  • iDeal (Netherlands)

LiteBit. eu with its own bitcoin and altcoin wallets

LiteBit. eu offers not only the fast purchase of bitcoins and many old coins, but also directly integrated wallets, in which the purchased coins can be secured. It also offers integrated wallets for nearly all available currencies. However, there are also currencies, including Ethereum Classic, which require their own wallet.

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Of course you can also specify your own wallets, to which the purchased coins are transferred. This procedure is recommended by us in any case, except the coins should be resold very promptly. Otherwise, it is always safer to manage cryptos on your own wallets.

LiteBit. eu Buy Bitcon & Altcoins with Sofortüberweisung

In our test, we bought Bitcoins and Altcoins with instant payment. Right from the start, however, we encountered some difficulties.

first Step: New account with LiteBit. eu

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In order to buy digital coins at all, an account will be added to offered. Although the Dutch company has many customers from Germany and also offers the payment method GiroPay established here, the complete page is only available in Dutch or English. Creating a new account has worked quickly and without problems. However, a very secure password with at least 32 characters should be selected.

2-factor authentication : Should the LiteBit. eu account as a wallet, we strongly recommend that you turn on 2-factor authentication "Two-Step Authentication" when registering. Under " My account "> Security "it can be activated. second Step: Purchase Bitcoins & Altcoins: Tier 3 Reach And now to the big hook of LiteBit. eu: The site suggests everywhere that Bitcoins and Altcoins can be purchased very quickly and easily. However, this is unfortunately not so, since the Tier 3 verification has to be successfully completed before this is really so. This means that different verification processes must be completed before LiteBit. eu unlocks all functions. In our test, we were already able to select the purchase via Instant Transfer and the money, but waited then back on the LiteBit. eu page the surprise:

The account is an unknown account and needs to be verified ("IBAN Verification").

Although the money has already been instructed by direct transfer (even on the Bank's bank statement), LiteBit expects. eu an accountover!

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In order to get to our old coins, we have carried out the procedure of procreation. For this, 1 cent had to go to the bench of LiteBit. eu with a verification code. After 3 days LiteBit promises. eu the release of the account.

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It took us only one working day, then the confirmation email arrived and our account was verified. Also the previously bought and paid by direct transfer paid DASH Coins were credited immediately after receipt of the confirmation email on our Exodus-Wallet


Photo: © "Exodus Wallet" Further purchases of Bitcoins or Altcoins by immediate transfer worked without problems and the coins were credited within a few minutes.

Conclusion: Our experience with LiteBit. eu

Overall, the platform makes a high-quality and serious impression. The providers are located in our neighboring Netherlands and are constantly expanding the platform with additional offers (more Altcoins on offer), as well as with additional functions (integrated wallets). Negative however are the bad exchange rate (+ fees) and the necessary verification of the bank account despite purchase by immediate transfer. Once you have verified yourself, you can use can access a wide range of Altcoins, which can be traded within a few minutes by instant transfer. Our Tip: To buy Bitcoins


Ethereum, there are better and cheaper providers, for the purchase of Altcoins is Litebit. eu however a recommended platform.

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