Now on iOS: Apple accepts Zcash as a legitimate crypto diet

Users of the mobile wallets Zcash is supported on both iOS and Android mobile phones. The rigorous and complex licensing process of new iOS applications and updates is likely to be known to most developers.

Apple's applications, which are related to cryptoscripts, are closely scrutinized by Apple and there is no compassion when an application or an update appears inadequate to the tech giant.

Jaxx convinced Apple of Zcash and was allowed to add the digital currency into the Wallet portfolio.

The rapid development of the Zcash system

Only in September 2016 did the developers of Jaxx have had to remove the wallet function for the digital currency

Dash , which was designed for a high degree of anonymity. A heavy blow for Dash lovers and Jaxx users. An indentation in privacy. The developers of Jaxx and Zcash wanted to take a better look at this time and have met the rigorous


of Apple. Both developer teams have worked closely and with great effort to ensure that Zcash is not rejected by iOS developers in advance. With success, Apple authorized the integration of Zcash into the mobile Jaxx wallet and classified the currency as a "legitimate crypt." . According to Wilcox, ease of use is a key factor in the success of digital currencies in everyday life and a big step toward mass acceptance. Also, the great variety of digital currencies in the Jaxx wallet plays a big role: "I am pleased that everyone can now send, receive and store Zcash directly on their mobile phone with a smartphone (iPhone or Android).The sending of Internet money from face to face or around the world has become a children's game thanks to Jaxx. We were very pleased with the integration and were there to assist Jaxx from the very beginning. " BTC ECHO