Recently on CoinMarketCap - Swis Coin on 3rd place? !

This picture is from today - And I thought it was a bad joke.

We (the readers & editors) know our Top 5 out there. Everyone has their own preferences as far as cryptosciences are concerned, but everyone knows who's going to play - whether you like them all, or just "King Bitcoin" or none at all - so everyone has this image of the top cryptos.


suddenly stands Swis Coin. I myself have reminded Swis Coin as a presumptive scam, just like other currencies that sporadically show up, mostly Bitcoin collectively down and all those equal, who happen to produce bitcoin news * cough *. Although you always have a journalistic risk when you critically examine such a digital currency, you are ultimately to win the truth. So I thought to myself: "Take a critical look, maybe you'll be positively surprised."

Cheats Such an increase is violent, right?


? ! ... ARGGHHHH "


is worthwhile an investment? And why does such an increase remind me of various cheats from GTA V or Sims, with which players can create money out of nothing?

chance. The price rises and rises and rises, everyone thinks on the way to the moon. Then Matterhorn sells all his tokens, of course with a lot of profit . Since he had about 90% of the coins, the course falls into the bottomless - the remaining small investors stand before valueless Coins . " seam-like state

. And the spike at the right end, is that our theoretical investor? Just to look at the


: Exchanges Looks only from feeling more lively, right?

So I go further and look at where Swis Coin is traded: "Okay ..." I do not see big exchanges. No Poloniex , no Bitfinex - and the two exchanges really list the smallest coins . A reason to be suspicious. But let's look at the stock exchanges, perhaps the most legitimate.

I see the upper picture then on livecoin, the stock market just around 300. 000 US Dollar

to Swis Coins. A question to you: Would you wait your page when you are doing the business of your life? Or would you postpone the maintenance until less stressful days come

? (According to experience it will be quieter in the summer) seems by name to be the first stop for something like that. Ooookay ... "I've been on the road for a few years, and if an exchange website was temporarily offline, it was a headline
worth! No one could know if it was just a maintenance or a hack! In the meantime, the page of has loaded livecoin . On the page I get

no concrete information

, no purchase or sales offers, no charts . Only tutorials and various

inaccessible images

. Further down, I see a dubious statistic: Of course! Crypto carbon! Since I have invested rightly into it - and good that I had previously exited from CrevaCoin otherwise I would still have to sell my VEROS ! * Caution irony! * ... No

really now

- what is for a place? You do not know these currencies ? Well, I do not, so come back here . I go to the main page of Swis Coin . Here I miss one thing above all: concrete information . Of course it is interesting to read about cryptography . When one understands cryptography, one can see why digital currencies such as Bitcoin are so secure (among others, a part of our book "The Blockchain Bible"), but where are the details of Swis Coin? Is there actually a blockchain ? How can I become a Miner? Where is the

white paper , which has every small legitimate digital currency? and 100. 000 US dollars. In addition, there is a " conceptual video that describes Swis Coin as a

centralized payment system, without a bank as a middleman."Would not Swis Coin the bank? "-" ". The investment in a coin only makes sense if I get more out of it than I have invested before. That's why I check the coins and see if they are based on

technologies that are


When is the routine, the more annoying it is when dubious pseudo-digital currencies storm the field and promise the blue of the sky to the investors . At the end of the day, it's the hard money they want to pull out of their pockets. So many opportunities I have given to this currency, and at every corner I became just the more stupid . Recommendation? Keep

friends, and try to

minimize . Until then: critically inquire and remember: "If it sounds too good to be true, then it is probably so! " BTC ECHO