Coffee for Bitcoin - Crypto Coffee makes it possible!

For many readers it is certainly similar to me: Coffee is a life elixir. Especially the workplace in the office is by a cup of hot black coffee much more pleasant. And when I speak of a cup I actually speak of several.

Bitcoin and other Altcoins are currently enjoying a huge, unprecedented boom. An important part of this boom and an important prerequisite for long-term adaption and not simply bursting into a bubble is the finding of everyday use cases in crypto . In this sense: High the cups! At Crypto Coffee you can buy self-made coffees for Altcoins. To date, there are only two varieties, but these have names with names such as "Crypto Coffee" and "DASH Baby" names, which are good in the kitchen shelf of the cryptoaffine coffee bean.

Thanks to the integration of CoinPayments it is possible to pay with more than 65 Altcoins. So if you want to pay your coffee beans with BitBean, now has the possibility.

Pay with Crypto - it needs incentives

That you can buy good coffee with Altcoins is definitely a fine thing. I think that it needs application possibilities for cryptoscripts beyond typical techie or speculation applications - so you can also appeal to people outside the cryptoscene much better.

However, it needs incentives. If, for example, there is a small discount for the use of Bitcoin or other Altcoins, this would attract many. Does not have to be every day - today, SegWit would have offered a discount for Litecoin users.

But this is not to be criticism, but only a general musing about bitcoin acceptance. Coffee for crypto is definitely fine. In this respect, I wish Benjamin Zeilinger good luck and think that I will soon be ordering a good coffee.As Jean-Luc Picard said: "This is coffee, really now. And coffee is nu 'ma delicious. Uh, black, strong and above all nice. Uh, really now. "

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