Cryptography: value creation or betting?

Not only bitcoin, but cryptic malfunctions in general have grown considerably lately. Bubble or investment? A look at the investment Altcoin. Just after Christ's Ascension Weekend, the question asks whether the price rise of the last few months is a sign of greater acceptance of the masses, or of the speculation of a small circle of enthusiasts.

Increase in cryptoscillations

In the past few months, many cryptos have grown incredibly. A lot has been talked about the big three (BTC, ETH and XRP), in a recent article I discussed the wildcards NEM and Bytecoin. But a look at the charts shows: sometimes unbelievable climbs can also show cryptures, which can at least be seen as an experiment (42coin) or even shitcoin (Infinitecoin, no offense).

Tulips reloaded? Considering the concerns about a bubble

So, some behind this growth suggest that it is primarily by re-investing previously generated money into new digital assets, so that not a greater acceptance, but only greater whales drive the price upwards ,

In this regard it can already be seen that a bladder is present in part; Currencies, whose fundamental value can be argued, gain more value than established cryptoscripts or digital assets that have a real value. It is also understandable: the myth Bitcoin has repeated in the case of Ethereum: investors call "I would have invested earlier! "" I would have invested more! "" I would not have sold so early! ".

How someone so fit wrote to Facebook:

Had, Had, blockchain chain.

Instead of regretting this, investors are now hoping for the Black Swan, which rises from the rather unknown cryptic habits. This is the result of the rally, transactions for the purchase of some micro currencies are growing - either by a brutal dump or problems on exchanges, a sudden caesura. This in turn leads to a huge sellout and the partial bubble bursts.

New growth from bursting bubbles

In the context, a picture is often presented which my colleague Danny used a few days ago. However, this picture concludes conciliatory in a deep case after a bubble, but the long-term trend has continued to go upwards - an aspect that is rarely discussed.

Ultimately, not all investors will be disappointed. Some of the unknown currencies find an interesting community and experience a longer push or a push - Dogecoin is an example (such wow).

In addition to this, it is important to emphasize that not only techie-internal pumping takes place, but that various people and institutions have invested and invest in cryptos with a lot of money. Money - and not a little of it - is not only pushed around within the cryptosphere, but flows into the system from outside. If one takes the current developments in Japan, China and different emerging countries is no longer pessimistic of a bubble. Although the relative market share of Bitcoin was reduced by the growth of various oldcoins, this meant that a bet with exactly one horse ultimately had its own investment class in which it was possible to build secure portfolios.