Lawskys consulting firm does not provide advice in matters BitLicense

The former head of the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) Ben M Laswsky expressed for the first time after his resignation from the supervisory authority and after the release of BitLicense in upstate New York. Lawsky spoke with the American banker Marc Hochstein during the American Banker's Digital Currencies + the Blockchain Conference in New York City, a. about his attitude towards a consultation on BitLicense.

Mainly the two financial experts talked about general matters related to the new corporate advice to the Superintendent, which mainly focuses on cyber security, data management and traditional financial regulation.

However, Lawsky also spoke about the topic of BitLicense consulting. Some experts in the industry previously thought that Lawsky could use its new position as an advisor to provide companies with a BitLicense. Lawsky denied this statement and said:

"If someone thinks he can hire me to get the BitLicense, that is on the wood way. "Lawsky emphasized that while he can be an adviser in industry-related matters, he can not and will not take advantage of his knowledge from times at the NYDFS. BitLicense Outlook The perhaps most interesting question came from the audience, when an audience surveyed Lawsky in his opinion about the future development of BitLicense at national and international level. Even if Lawsky answered briefly and briefly to the question, one could get an interesting insight from his time at the NYDFS:

"I am of opinion abroad is not yet so focused on the regulation of bitcoin. I was collapsed in Basel (Switzerland) as the Bitcoin stock exchange Mt Gox and I sat in a room with insurance and regulators from the 15 largest countries in the world. No one, purely no one showed interest or understood the new technology. "

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