Logistics and blockchain - a trampaar?

What logistics, supply chain management and supply chains from the blockchain can hope for - the innovation forum blockchain invites.

In addition to financial applications, the benefits of blockchain technology are also seen in supply chain management issues such as logistics.

The reason is comprehensible: In logistics the movements of objects are considered. It is important to know what an object is when and where. While the financial sector often involves a flow of payments, a material flow is considered here.

The value chain, which is linked to the material flow, is often regulated by a central ERP system such as SAP. Nowadays, also within the scope of the term industry 4. 0, the value added always takes place across the enterprise. The management of the related logistics must therefore either go into the hands of a third party to which all the companies involved trust or decentralized - thus addressing a central application of the blockchain.

An issue that often occurs here is the safety and traceability of transports. As elsewhere, there are a few projects, such as CargoChain or Everledger, which are dedicated to specific applications of logistics and supply chain management.

In order to talk about these application possibilities of the blockchain technology in the field of logistics, the innovation forum "Blockchain" invites 12. September at 6 pm to an event at the Chamber of Commerce Innovationscampus . This event was organized together with the Hamburg Logistics Initiative, the German Logistics Association, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the German Transport Association. In the first lecture, Frank Bolten of CHAINSTEP GmbH will explain the basics of the blockchain technology and present some logistics usecases. From Sovereign Speed ​​GmbH, Martin Araman will give a lecture on the protection of freight letters via the blockchain. Afterwards, Florian Seffert of Imperial Logistics International, B.V. & Co. KG, will present the Freightchain project as a means of transactionally securing logistical processes. The evening ends with a discussion discussion moderated by Harald Ehren, editor in chief of the German Transport Newspaper. The speakers include Dieter Spark (DAKOSY) and Hendrik Roreger (HPA). So if you are interested in industry-relevant application possibilities of the blockchain, this event is recommended!