Is it still worth investing in cryptos?


01/2016 24%



The unfortunate investor would have been the first loss in this crash. Compared to the classical method "put money aside" in 2015 now would be 32% less. He would now have 88 euros instead of 130 euros. However, a year later the investor would have made a profit with this conservative method.

Altcoins as a great opportunity

In these calculations, only Bitcoin was considered - but the world of cryptometers is much larger. If the last few months have taught something, then crypto assets that are under "running" can also be of great value, and even in spite of the lack of a bitcoin or ethereum rise, it is well worth it Altcoin market. This article refers to those who think that the train has long since left its mark or that they can not afford to make a profit. I hope I could make three things clear: First, the investment does not have to be big to pay off in the long term.
Secondly, the investment is also worthwhile regardless of a possibly missed train. Especially if you invest carefully - therefore also the consideration of ten euros a month - the money can also be bound in bitcoin in the long term. Finally, the market is bigger than Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. It is worthwhile to stop here. Of course, we will continue to report on currencies that are interesting to help readers make an investment selection.