Lunyr: A token against Fake News

In the midst of the ICO storm that just happened, Lunyr (LUN) stands. This project takes Wikipedia as an example and transfers it to a blockchain. The result: a platform against Fake News. Fake News Problems Who believes the Fake News problem has only been a problem since the presidential election in the United States, has been a big mistake. Donald J. Trump calls his opponents "fake news", but the problem is a symptom of our new society: the information society.

Since the Internet, you are not just recipients of information. A transmitter is basically everyone who is already on social media platforms like Facebook is on the way. Information can be retrieved in seconds. Wikipedia, Google and Co. are the new helpers in homework - not the old dusty math book.

The flow of information is so powerful that it has already become too strong. There is a market for apps that keep one from using other apps - and the market is growing. In the midst of this information flood it is difficult to find information with serious sources. Although it was not possible to make large statements on Wikipedia without a source, but as the truth is known as "first dies" must be a platform like Wikipedia, decentralized. It should reward contributors and provide sources.

Lunyr has exactly the same thing.

Decentralization: the friend of the journalists

Lunyr has devised an elaborate system. Through reward tokens, people are encouraged to contribute to the platform. These contributions must refer to sources. Through one's own action one gets reputation, that is, a call. So whoever contributes a lot of content, which is also well documented, collects reputation points.

In contrast to Wikipedia, the platform is also to offer advertising. This is then to be discreet and non-intrusive advertising, similar to the advertising which the well-known Firefox extension ad block allows. Lunyr (LUN) can be purchased through Ether. Unfortunately, the way is a little cumbersome. A big plus, however, is that they have translated the instructions for the token purchase, as well as the whole white paper, in German. The ICO ends between 27-28 April.